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This post is designed to link to articles on ipadboardgames that speak about updates, to be a quick means of navigating around the site for those updates.

Coming Soon



Games who are passed their promised date, or have fallen off the radar.
Through the Ages: overdue, originally promised for May 2012

Age of Industry: overdue, originally promised for May 2012

Agricola: overdue, pushed back to Winter 2012

A Brief History of the World: overdue, promised for July 2012

Red November: Vapourware


Games that have a promised schedule date

El Grande: promised for October 2012

Eclipse: promised for 2012

Stronghold: promised for 2012

Zombiaki: promised for 2012


7 Wonders


Kingsburg HD





Rivals of Catan



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  1. Marc

    Hi would you email me directly regarding kingsburg, I have been attempting to get in touch with the developers of kingsburg that it is un playable on ipad2 due to glitch problems…. However I can’t seem to get a response, I was thinking about trying to contact apple get a refund, however if the game player would let us who use iPads get the upgrade to use.. I am happy waiting.. Can you email me directly with your recommendations?

  2. Marc

    Thanks everyone who responded regarding my thread, like me you sound frustrated that we can’t get an answer on this one… I just wished the developers could have the decency to respond, it maybe all with our while in contacting apple with the same complaint… Does anyone know the channel for letting apple know of the problem and getting a refund?

  3. Gurgeh

    I am confused!
    After the Cyclades review Angelus posted a comment about Kingsburg saying that “…….. the original company that developed it is no longer in possession of it.” But then Christos posts that the Kingsburg developers are updating it.
    Does anyone know what is really going on with Kingsburg?

  4. Christos

    I hope I have correct info guys……but as far as I know from an email I got from Just Funny Games an update will be live soon (it is on approval stage from Apple).

    I hope it’s true….

    Happy holidays to everybody

  5. Marc

    Hi team got a response from just funny games, a new version is now available for download of kings burg, will let you know if it fixes glitches for iPad. Regards Marc

  6. Angelus Morningstar

    When I find out news I pretty much update this page. So what I know is already here.

    If people have stuff that isn’t here, they’re welcome to contact me about it.

  7. World B. Free

    I emailed Rio Grande about Dominion and got a response:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could provide any information about the digital release of Dominion. I’m constantly checking the app store like a little kid on Christmas. Thanks!

    Should be by this spring. Thanks Jay

  8. Carlos Ascanio

    Hello everybody,
    As my contribution to this excellent website, I tell you the people of codito stated in the board game geek page they have plans to release Le Havre in March ’12

  9. Jeremy Hinton

    Not iOS per se, but Thunderstone is up on Facebook. Basic cards free, for the most part, but the rest broken up into expansions for Facebook Coins. Great Tutorial (which explained to me a rule I had read wrong, doh!) and it has a single player campaign. If the iOS port is anything like this one, I’m very very excited.


  10. Angelus Morningstar

    Some news on the potential iPad version of Kingsburg, from an email from the developers.

    “We made some try with Kingsburg Serving the Crown on iPad, but we saw that we have to do major changes in order to do something.
    Unfortunately the owner of the license doesn’t have hi-res images, needed by the new retina display. So we are studying a solution that can be good for players without changing all the original arts of Kingsburg.
    Meanwhile, we fixed all the bugs that new generation devices had, so right now the app is absolutely playable on iPad and iPad2.
    Hope you will be able to enjoy Kingsburg Serving the Crown or other iNigma products.

    Giacomo Santopietro
    iNigma by Tiopi srl
    All for Games

  11. Raymond F

    Do you know if Bohnanza will ever get an update or be redone so that all the cards will be used and the 2 player variant will work? Sorry, i dont know if this is the proper place for this question.

  12. Capnlanky

    I have yet to play Agricola, but its reputation is great… I can’t wait for its release!

    I’m considering picking up Food Fight, but I’m waiting for the review.

      • World B. Free

        I don’t see it updating. I’m using the Flipboard app and I’m subscribed to the feed. I get updates for all the game reviews, and I was getting the updates on this story for a while, but they stopped a while ago.

          • apml

            The problem I have with this article (wrt RSS) is that I don’t get a new unread item in my Google Reader RSS feed when this page is updated. I have to click on the old article (Jan 3rd) to find that the contents of the page have updated. This kind of defeats the purpose of RSS alerting me to a new article. I am using http://feeds.feedburner.com/ipadboardgames, and I don’t think it is feedburner problem.

          • James Bruce

            The latest page update shows January 2nd/3rd, yes. If the date on the post is adjusted, it will reappear in the RSS feed. Maybe Angelus forgot to update the date on the page. I’ll let him know.

          • World B. Free

            Unfortunately there’s no way to change the feed in Flipboard. The weird thing is that it worked the first two times after you started including the updates to this article. Oh well. Thanks for trying. Cheers!

          • Angelus Morningstar

            From now on, I will adjust the publication date to reflect the changes. This should probably fix the issue.

    • aaronsullivan

      Apparently, Z-Man games is working on a from-the-ground-up version for themselves instead of using the finished one. Annoying that they couldn’t at least try to come to a new deal or something.

      Anyway, it means it’s still on its way, I guess.

  13. Mutajon

    Wow, that further notice sure did come fast! 🙂

    Anyway, it’s indeed a real shame that they couldn’t come to some agreement and release what looks to be an amazing implementation of the game. Now it’ll probably take them forever to start all anew.

  14. Carlos Ascanio

    It’s a shame, I really like Catán, and I’m waiting for cities & knights for the iPad. I will buy it without thinking.
    In other order of ideas, I thought you’d like to know there’s a very good game called Yaniv on the app store. I think it would be nice if you make a review of it. Is a very simple card game, a bit of luck and a bit of strategy, but is really fun.

  15. Carlos Ascanio

    False alarm,
    Yesterday I saw an update of Catan in the app store and thought it was the Cities & Knights expansion… But no, it was bug fixes. Based on this, I think the expansion is late again, I mean, why release a bug fixing update when you could have incorporate those fixes in the new version that includes the expansion?
    Anybody knows something about this?

  16. Simon

    Playdek has returned the date for Agricola to Spring 2012. I suppose this means it could be available within 3 months. They’ve acquired a number of licenses the last few months so perhaps they are accelerating what they have on their plates already.

  17. Vortex

    When I do an app search for nightfall all I find are wallpaper apps. Player searches only come up with ascension and food fight. If someone can link the app store page I’d appreciate it.

  18. Jeffrey

    Hi Angelus. Great job on the site – thanks for keeping us up-to-date on developers’ release plans. I’m wondering, though, if you have any word on Dominion. Around the end of February you suggested that it might be a few weeks, but have you heard anything since then?

    • Angelus Morningstar

      It was such a long time ago that this was reported that I don’t know it’s status any more. I suspect that because we haven’t heard anything that it’s unlikely to be coming out any time soon.

  19. Elfinn

    What’s the deal with Cadwallon? I’ve been waiting ages for that game on iPad. It was supposed to come out months ago, yet it’s not even on the “rumored” page of this site. Great game! I’d love to see it get some coverage and maybe light a fire under the developers!

  20. Angelus Morningstar

    Asking about the Cities and Knights expansion

    USM ‏ @USM_News
    @A_Morningstar The developers are working at fullspeed on the expansion. As soon as we know the final date, we’ll let you know!

  21. Ben

    Well, it definitely seems that Dominion has been put on the back burners. Maybe now that the unofficial app has come out, there is no need to rush the official app. *SIGH*

  22. Angelus Morningstar

    So a few updated, basically I’ve got confirmation that Red November is back on the table (yay!) and that A Brief History of the World is likely scheduled to start work AFTER the release of Le Harve.

  23. Amy

    Still waiting for Le Havre, Agricola, Through the ages, age of industry… It’s too too long! Can’t wait to play.
    Fortunatly i’ve got yggdrasil to help me wait, as well as caylus, puerto rico etc… Except that on gets tired of old games and always wants more and more!

    • Yohan Launay

      @Indie77 I’ve been working on a mobile adaptation (iOS/Android) of HeroQuest for the past 6 months. Almost ready, you can check out the video there:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJx45GGhc1Q
      I’m also running a crowdfunding campaign to help with the self-publication of the game and get some traction around it – https://www.crowdonomic.com/project/452-from-beta-to-the-store
      Should be done by end Feb / early march. There is a link to the android demo at the bottom (i know it’s iPad forum but it’s hard to release demos for iPad to the public 😉

  24. Jeffrey

    Per Cube Your Mind, Hacienda was “submitted…for approval” on June 2nd. (I assume that means they have submitted it to iTunes.) Does Apple’s approval process really take this long?

    • James Bruce

       @pleasedodisturb that sucks so much ass. I’m thinking the various rules changes of the cards are actually really hard to implement – having to program a special case for each one, and then dealing with the ambiguation of how they interact too. Added to which, there are 3 decks! It seems like the straight family version of the game would be really easy to push out first, then add in-app expansions as and when the decks are done. Sigh. 

    • raahsnavj

       @pleasedodisturb arrg… I’m really looking forward to it when it comes. As an avid fan of the board game – and how much I have played Puerto Rico on the iPad – I just can’t wait for this game.

  25. qxface

    Love the site, thanks! I check frequently to find fun, new games.
    Would you consider putting a “Last Updated” date on this page of upcoming games? That way I could see at a glance if I should scroll through reading it.

    • Angelus Morningstar

      We’re kind of in the processing of revising the way the updated stuff gets done, primarily because this page is WAAAY too big. I’m just trying to find time to work it in around my schedule.

  26. Gadzookery

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      • BlackFire1929

        @Hypnotoad Honestly don’t know how to do this with my iPad. I just opened the app. Store and searched for lost cities. It came out today in Germany, possibly it’s not available in US yet.

        • James Bruce

           @BlackFire1929  @Hypnotoad <a href=”http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/stat?id=70ObTu6xQU0&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1=http%253A%252F%252Fitunes.apple.com%252Fus%252Fapp%252Flost-cities%252Fid465062454%253Fmt%253D8%2526uo%253D4%2526partnerId%253D30″ target=”itunes_store”>Lost Cities – TheCodingMonkeys</a>

        • James Bruce

           @BlackFire1929  @Hypnotoad http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/stat?id=70ObTu6xQU0&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1=http%253A%252F%252Fitunes.apple.com%252Fus%252Fapp%252Flost-cities%252Fid465062454%253Fmt%253D8%2526uo%253D4%2526partnerId%253D30 

  27. Shrike

    Hey Angelus. Do you perchance have any fresher release schedule information? El Grande has missed the October 2012 target. Perhaps you have as yet unposted knowledge of other schedule changes?

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