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Gameplay Battleline is originally a card game for 2 players designed by Reiner Knizia. It is played with a deck..

Wizard Hex

Presentation Wizard Hex is an abstract game of territory control where 1 to 6 wizards representing 6 elemental forces (earth,..

Cafe Games

Introduction Café Games, from Sweden’s Malmo App Collective, is a collection of four classic board games presented in a minimalist..

Mana HD

Mana is an abstract board game with a Japanese samurai theme (another Samurai game, groan) similar to Fox and Geese,..

Neuroshima Hex 1.10 update out

Codenamed “Built for comfort” – lots of fixes and AI improvements. From the creators website: easily accessible in-game unit information..


After sitting on this review for a while now, I’m finally convinced that Samurai is a great strategy game and..


The game is fun for a while, but it lacks any long term depth and re-playability. The game doesn’t fail in any particular areas, but it strikes me more as a simple little puzzle game that works well on the iPad.


From bedroom coder Curt Stein, Five-O is an impressive math-based scrabble clone, yet playable by anyone who is neither a..