Since everyone knows how Ludo works, I won’t go into too much detail. Suffice to say, the iPad version of..


Having never played the RL version of this game, I opted for tutorial mode. What I got was a couple of screens explaining the plot – King wants to find the best Chancellor to manage his kingdoms, so 3 of you have a go and see who does best – okay, plot isn’t essential if the game mechanics are good enough, I guess.

Neuroshima Hex HD

Neuroshima Hex is an incredibly addictive game with a lot of replay value and decent AI opponents for single player games. I gave it 10 stars, and may buy the full real life game because of it. The war theme might not suit everyone though.



Carcassonne has remained one of gamers’ favorites for years now. It is one of those games that is highly accessible..

Blokus HD

Blokus is an incredibly simple board game that’s easy to pick up by both children and adults alike, as well..


I think a lot of people will pass over this game because it looks like it’s designed for children, but..