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An inveterate writer and kit-basher, Tovarich has been tinkering with games way too much for way too long. His first commercial release, Spy Guys, is now available from Victory Point Games and Amazon. His writing has appeared all over the place, in dead tree form in GamePro, CD-ROM Today and MacAddict (now Mac|Life) and online at FanBoy Planet and We Talk Games, among others. He shares a condo in Burbank, CA with his wife and two chihuahuas, and none of them gets enough sleep. (Well, the chihuahuas sleep a lot. They probably get enough.)

James Bruce (Founder), London

As an internet entrepreneur with a passion for WordPress, I created this site back in 2010 after realising the iPad was going to huge for board gaming. I’m also a full time writer and the developer for MakeUseOf.com, a leading technology website that caters to all levels of users. I have three eBook guides published at MakeUseOf which you can download:  iPad, a magical and revolutionary guide,  Setup Your Blog with WordPress, The Ultimate Guide, and Monetize Your Blog, as well as over 300 published articles and tutorials.

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    i have a question regarding extensions of Carcassonne
    I bought both extensions for my I-pad.
    Unfortunately, impossible to use it on another device, as ipod touch !
    how can i get it on my iOS device without paying it twice ?
    thanks for your help

  2. Withnail


    I posted a comment about the Tutorial in Tigris & Euphrates, on the page for the review of the game. In fact I posted it twice by mistake. But it never appeared.

    Can you please tell me why? I can’t see any email address on the site to contact you … but please feel free to email me back rather than post this comment.

    • Withnail

      Hmmm. When I look at the game review now, it doesn’t say as much about the Tutorial as I remember. So the comment I tried to post doesn’t really apply any more. Curious indeed …

  3. Jeff

    Great website. With my new iPad board games with competent AI was one of my first things I went to purchase. Love Puerto Rico and I’m looking forward to a bunch of the other games that are coming.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. Troy

    Just found your site. LOVE it. One quick suggestion: in your “Multiplayer” section for each game, it would be wonderfully helpful if you could indicate whether or not the online play was asynchronous.

  5. Marcin

    Great and very usefull site, thanks for keeping it so interesting. I have just scanned the list of board games to come for iPad and it is impressive. I just hope that iPad, being great platform for boadgamers, will not kill the real board games. Playin wit AI is nice, but playing with friends over the huge paper board is so much nicer.

    Just a suggestion:
    – some games have free (lite) version, so one can test it before buying the full version (it worked for me in case of Neuroshima Hex). Consider inserting info about lite version in the top (summary) of the review.

    • Angelus Morningstar

      In the interview I did with Days of Wonder, they have said that the release of their iPad games has actually increased the sale of their physical games.

  6. Nick

    Angelus, saw your comment from early May over on Hacienda HD site (cube your mind or something like that) asking where the heck is the game. Beta stopped in March, site not updated since March…why not just delete them from Upcoming Games as i think they’ve dried up and blown away.

  7. Emma Mackenzie

    Hi there,

    My name is Emma Mackenzie. I am a media student at UNSW in Sydney and me and my group are currently writing an article about the digitisation of board games and their effect on the popularity of physical board games.

    It has been recommended to us that we try and talk to Angelus Morningstar about his reviews, so I was wondering if this would be possible within the next week?

    If so, we are happy to meet up, or arrange or a phone interview, or email you a list of questions – whichever is easiest for you.

    I couldn’t find contact details on this website, so that’s why I am leaving a comment.

    If you could email me back at [edit: removed email to prevent spam] that would be much appreciated!

    Thank you for your time,

    Kind regards,

    Emma Mackenzie.

  8. Lullebroek

    Hello, what a great site! Compliments. I look at it every day!

    I have a question about Hacienda HD.

    When do you think it will be published. I am still waiting but there is nothing released yet. I hope you can get an answer

    I hope you can reply my message.

  9. BlackFire1929

    Hi there, for a longer time now, when I go to tour main page, the number of comments are not visible. I think it has something to do ith changing your way of posting comments. I can click on every article and see all the comments, but sometimes it’s more convienient to just see on the front page, if there are any new comments. I have this problem on many devices of mine and with all browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Explorer). Thanks ahead.

  10. rickert

    I have recently gotten an ipad2 but I have been doing game stories for the newspaper where I work for 20 years. I would welcome the chance to do some reviews here and to do a story for the newspaper where I work (Anderson, IN) about your site, Let me know. I put the website in my signup.


    I consider this post as one of the best post ever. It is one of a kind. I really admire the important ideas that you offer in the content. I am looking forward for more important thoughts and more blogs. Your such a lucky one to have this gift basket of knowledge. Keep it up !!!!

  12. sr_davis

    I have been a follower of your site for over a year.  I love board games.  Around 3 years ago I bought icompareapps .com, .net and .org. If you would like to talk please contact me (if you could remove to prevent spam that would be great at srd1216@gmail.com)

  13. sr_davis

    I have been a follower of your site for over a year.  I love board games.  Around 3 years ago I bought icompareapps .com, .net and .org. If you would like to talk please contact me.

  14. Pistol

    I just wanted to say I think the site is a fantastic idea, but it is always out of date. You guys should really hire someone who has the time to do the basic research to keep things top notch. Ask for donations to run things.

  15. TimMensch

    Is there a reason the front page of your site doesn’t work on Windows? I tried Firefox, Chrome, and IE, and I can’t click on ANY of the games to read more about them.

    It does work from my Android phone; I’m guessing you’re looking for “touch” events, but not “click” events? Some people do research on iOS/Android games from their desktops; might want to fix that.

  16. Johnd2442

    Thank you for this great website. I will be looking at it often! I just realized how many great games are available on the iPad and your site is one way I’ve figured that out.

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