Top Multiplayer iPad Board Games

The best place to play board games is definitely on an iPad because you have all of your pieces in front of you. Having said that, choosing the board game to play in the App Store can be a bit overwhelming as there are hundreds of games to choose from much like what you encounter when you visit a PayPal casino that throws thousands of games in front of your face to choose from. To help you in selecting which games to play, we share with you some of the best board games available in the App Store today. We know that many of you have different preferences so we have decided to pick one game out of these three collections, tile-placement games, cooperative games, and empire-building games.


Arguably, the most popular board game in the App Store is Catan. Catan game developers made it possible for us to engage to co-play with others no matter their location. All you need to do is open a Catan Account, once you have the account you will be able to play multiplayer games with two or more people. For those who haven’t played the physical game, in Catan, your aim is to become the Lord of Catan. In order to become the Lord of Catan, you need to gather as much land and building materials as you can. Catan is not complex nor is it simple. Everyone from kids to the elderly love this game.


One of the best tile-placement games you will ever play is Carcassonne. You can play against AI opponents or you may choose to play against your friends or other players from around the world. The aim in Carcassonne is to build a city by strategically placing tiles. You earn points as you complete structures such as houses, churches, bridges, and roads. Carcassonne is more like Chess, it’s easy when playing against weaker opponents and it’s more complex when playing against more advanced players thus you have to embrace more defeats during your first days.


Mysterium is a cooperative game that requires you to engage with others in order to solve the challenge quickly, however, you can also do a go I alone. The game has an online chat room where you can engage with others and share ideas on how to solve the ‘murder’ challenge. The aim in Mysterium is to solve a murder. You can do this in one of two ways, the first is by playing as a clairvoyant who sees ghosts or you can play as the ghost. In order to unravel the murderer, you have to guess correctly using the cards presented to you as clues.