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Monopoly here and now ipad board game

Many a rainy childhood caravan holiday has been wiled away enjoying classic board games. A one-time staple of family entertainment, board games these days have a bit of a tougher time, competing with the all-singing, all-dancing online equivalents. Luckily for slots fans, some of the biggest board games of all time have been adapted to the slots genre, offering players the chance to play somewhat familiar games for instant cash wins.

Board game online slots tend to bear only a very loose resemblance to the board game they are based on. It’s more about theme than it is about gameplay, although in some cases there are a number of specific features that make some games more realistic than others. In putting together our top 5 board game slots, we’ve looked at those that judge the blend right, providing the best combination of board game familiarity with decent paying real money slots. Here’s our list – which is your favourite?

Monopoly Dream Life

Monopoly has been a long standing favourite amongst slots developers, and a number of unique twists on the classic board game have been created. Monopoly Dream Life is one of the most popular, giving players the chance to win life-changing amounts of money when the reels are falling in their favour. You’ll find the usual lineup including Mr. Monopoly, plus a number of symbols from the game, like the Top Hat and the Dog.

As you play and win, share in your success with Mr. Monopoly, as he lives out his dream life. If you take him literally, he can also give you a few ideas of how to spend your winnings. Not too similar to the board game in concept, there’s enough of a Monopoly theme here to keep this slot interesting. And with decent payouts available, and a nice bonus round to look forward to, there’s plenty of action to keep you coming back for more.

Monopoly Here and Now

Another popular Monopoly-themed slot, Monopoly Here and Now was developed by slots firm IGT. This 20 line, 5-reel slot combines exciting slot play with features fans of the board game will already know and love. Unlike Dream Life, which feels like a spin-off, Monopoly Here and Now is much more reminiscent of the board game itself, and you’ll feel like you’re sitting down to play the game, rather than a derivative, with features like Free Parking and other symbols built in from the game.

There are a number of bonus games along the way, and the game has been designed to keep you on your toes. Whether it’s spinning and winning as you go through, or triggering the bonus rounds building up to a much bigger cash-out, Monopoly Here and Now get the balance just right between the Monopoly theme and the in-game action.


The classic ‘whodunnit’ board game, Cluedo has been played by families up and down the country for decades. The subtitle ‘Who Won It?’ is a play on this theme, and props to whoever came up with it. Set across 5 reels with 15 paylines, this game is packed with suspense, plus the potential for solid wins and bonuses as you play through.


You’ll find all the classic characters from the board game, from Miss Scarlett to Professor Plum, as well as murder weapon symbols, and other feature symbols throughout the game to trigger wilds and bonuses. It’s theming is pretty loose, but will be sure to appeal to murder mystery fans in search of a new slots challenge.


‘You Sunk My Battleship’. It’s a familiar cry for generations of players who have idled away their childhood over battleships. For those less high-tech, it’s easy to play this game with a humble pen and paper. But building on the popular concept, the board game version rose to prominence, and remains one of the few best selling games in history.

In its slot version, Battleships is a much more comprehensive game, with many more features than you’d expect from the real-life version. You are greeted aboard your ship by an Admiral, and set challenges like downing enemy helicopters. And if you’re really lucky, your ship’s radar will help identify the location of prizes. Battleships draws on the themes of the board game, but will have a much wider appeal to anyone who enjoys military history and that type of thing. Or even if you’re just looking for a new slot to spin, the winnings and bonuses start from the very first spin.

Dungeons and Dragons

‘Cult classic’ doesn’t even begin to cover the popularity of Dungeons and Dragons. The fantasy role playing board game has been played for decades, and has even been the basis for social clubs and fan gatherings pretty much world wide. It’s clearly low hanging fruit for a slots theme, then, with appeal for fans of the original as well as general appeal for slots lovers.

Dungeons and Dragons slot doesn’t disappoint. This offering from IGT draws on recognisable themes from the game, with crystals, fantasy characters and other symbols packed on to the reels. The cascading wins-style of the tumbling reels means the action can really start to heat up after a few spins, making it easier to rack up multiple wins per spin and to trigger the bonus rounds.

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