New Monthly iOS Game Giveaways!


To celebrate having recently reached a milestone, and to show our appreciation and thank all our readers for their continued support, we’d like to kickoff a new monthly initiative that we will launch starting next month – free iOS game giveaways!

That’s right – from February onwards, at the end of each month, we will be running a poll on our Facebook page to ask which game you would like us to giveaway. We will randomly choose 5 winners every month to receive the most popular game title!

How to be eligible for the monthly game giveaway draw

In order to be eligible for the monthly draw, please complete the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter mailing list – this is where you will receive the latest updates of our latest reviews, news and exciting events (such as new initiatives like these), hence be sure not to miss out!
  2. Sign up to our Facebook and Twitter social pages (Pinterest is optional, but we’d much appreciate the support!)
    >> Please make sure you do this, as we will check that our winners are registered on all of these – and those that aren’t will be considered to have forfeited their claims! <<
  3. Vote on the poll in Facebook to let us know which game you want to receive most!

We are looking to continue growing our community and have fun gaming together, and are always open to new ideas as to what you would like to see on the site (whether it be reviews or event proposals). So if you have any comments or feedback regarding the new initiatives, or have suggestions that you believe will be a great addition to the site, please be sure to let us know, as we’d be delighted to hear about it!

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