Update Roundup: More Games, Better Games, Coming Games


Now that we’re 1/6 of the way into the new year, it’s time to take a look and the new stuff we have to play with – or will soon! Here’s a 3-2-1 breakdown: 3 new expansions, 2 titles coming soon, and 1 major bug fix.

Blood Bowl


The board game of fantasy rugby has gotten a few bug fixes – sadly nothing that deals with the issues from the PC port itself, but increased stability and slightly decreased filesize, which is always nice. The big news is the addition of two new teams, the scaly Lizardmen and the straight-outta-the-80s-gothic Dark Elves, who give you a bit of brawn to back up your passing game. (This makes us very happy – the Burbank Blitzers’ name will finally MEAN something as a Dark Elf team!)

Sentinels of the Multiverse


After a couple of bug fix updates, Sentinels is finally set to receive some expansions. You can either buy these piecemeal, or plunk down a one-time purchase of $20 to get ’em all as they come. Currently the first mini-expansion is with us, which includes the villain Ambuscade, the lost-in-time environment of Silver Gulch, and the purple-haired machinist hero Unity. Five more packs are coming – Rook City has been promised “soon” with more on the way.

Star Realms


We’ve had 2 separate waves of expansions offline, and the online version of this popular head-to-head deckbuilder is catching up. The expansion currently on offer includes the Gambit expansion, which drops in a few new ships and adds variable player powers handed out at the start of the game. Also included are two more chapters to expand the single-player campaign mode. This should be enough to keep you busy for a while…

Galaxy Trucker


No new content here, despite a plethora of expansions to be found in the offline world. However, the latest patch to this incredibly popular port features a fix to real-time multiplatform multiplayer. Since realtime play is significantly closer to the analog experience than the turn based necessity that reflects our actual digital lives, it’s nice to know that you won’t have to depend upon your opponents having an iPad handy.

And coming soon…

Crowd-funding fav Boss Monster was…actually supposed to be here by now already. So it should be here any time now.

Microgame fav Tiny Epic Kingdoms is coming “soon” according to their official Twitter feed. No information on what “soon” means exactly, so…keep your eyes peeled. (And let’s hope it’s better than Province.)

Added bonus update just in: we understand that a few of you are fans of Hearthstone…it’s second major update is also due “soon,” with no specific information but probably sooner than TEK given Blizzard’s announcement track record.

See you on the digital battlefield!

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