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Multiplayer:Yes, pass n play or private Internet server (account required)
AI:Yes, 3 levels
Universal App:Yes (there is a single app which works on both iPhone and iPad in HD)
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UniWar: Multiplayer Strategy
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Uniwar, 6.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

One thing the App Store has no shortage of is tributes to the Nintendo portable classic Advanced Wars. But where Great Big War Game wears its influence on its sleeve and Mecho Wars isn’t so much a tribute as an outright clone, Uniwar takes those influences and merges them with the real time strategy classic Starcraft to create something unique. Are you ready to face the unknown?


Not unlike Starcraft, Uniwar is a battle between three similar but unique forces: the versatile Sapiens, the insectile Khraleans, and the mechanical Titans.

uniwar races

The game is played on a hex map, and the basics will be familiar to anyone who has played the aforementioned titles. Each map will have a number of bases, and each race has units that can capture said bases. Once captured, each base produces income, and with enough income you can deploy new units at any base you control.

uniwar actions

Selecting a unit will bring up a menu of available options. Each unit can move and then, if applicable, perform another action – attacking an adjacent enemy, capturing a base, utilizing a special ability, etc.

uniwar attack

Each available space for movement will be highlighted upon selecting a unit. Hexes that contain viable targets for actions will be highlighted as well, and the color of the highlight indicates what action can be taken – viable targets for attack, for instance, will be outlined in red.

uniwar unit explanation

Though the races are well balanced against each other, each has some units with unique abilities. The Sapiens, for instance, have a buggy style vehicle that can move (and attack) twice in one turn. The Khraleans, meanwhile, have a unit that can both take over some adjacent Sapien unit types, and infect almost all Sapiens with a plague that will damage adjacent units.

uniwar completed objectives

Each scenario has one or more objectives. Victory is granted either by completing the objectives, or by the time-honored shortcut of simply obliterating the opposition.


Uniwar features several different modes. You can either play a skirmish mode with 2 or 4 players (depending on the map) or engage in a campaign mode. Not unlike Starcraft, the campaign mode is broken into segments for each of the three races, and follows a more-or-less unified story as the three races vie for control.

uniwar map

Skirmishes can be played locally on the same device, either against 3 levels of AI or a live opponent. Though some of the maps are marked as 4 players, we were only able to get 2 player games set up. We’re not sure if this is a bug or if 4 player capability only exists online.

uniwar join

Online play is handled via a private server which requires you to establish a free account. The interface is fairly straight forward, and joining and setting up games is pretty intuitive. Cross platform play seems to be possible with all your Apple-hating Droid friends.

uniwar no close

The only real issue we encountered was cosmetic – pop-up messages have no close button inherent in their setup. Instead you have to tap the checkmark in the lower-left of the screen when a message pops up. Though by no means a deal breaker, it was an odd enough quirk that it threw us for a loop more than once.

The Verdict

Advance Wars cloning is a surprisingly brisk business on the App store, and Uniwar stands out from the crowd. It’s uncommon for game of this genre to feature balanced but unequal forces, and Uniwar manages to wrap it all in a packages that pays obvious homage to its influences will still retaining its own personality. There’s enough content here to keep you busy for quite some time. Sci-fi wargame fans of any stripe would do well to give this one a look.

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