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AI:Yes; supposedly each of 18 AIs has a unique play style
Universal App:Yes (there is a single app which works on both iPhone and iPad in HD)
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While the entire Internet is talking about Exploding Kittens, small-press games by Internet celebrities are by no means a new phenomenon. UK YouTube wünderkind Alex Day is one of the minds behind Sopio, the kind of card game that “real gamers” are most likely to play late at night at conventions, likely with adult beverages at the ready. Are you ready for your PUNishment?


As is the case with many casual card games – the similarity to We Didn’t Playtest This At All doesn’t seem accidental here – the rules of Sopio can be essentially summed up as draw up to 5 cards, and then play a card.

sopio your hand

You will always have 3 opponents in the digital version. Each card must be played on one of the four players. If a card has points on it, the receiving player’s score will either go up or down accordingly.

sopio your hand 2

A few scoring cards have instructions; other cards have instructions only, and go to a central discard pile when played. If a card has instructions, the player the card is played upon follows them. The “Blindfolded” card in the example above, if played on an opponent, would cause that opponent to discard their hand and draw 5 cards.

sopio win

The first player to reach or surpass 1,000 points wins the game. If the deck runs out before that happens, the highest score when there are no more cards in play wins.


Sopio (a Latin term that is essentially slang for “penis”) is a very swingy, very silly game that seems intended to be played with raucous groups of good friends. The decision to include only solo play against AI is thus somewhat curious.

sopio tutorial

The game features an interactive tutorial which steps you through a game. Each phase of the tutorial focuses on one of the very few rules, and each rule is highlighted (literally) before being explained.

sopio setup

Initially there are 6 AI opponents to choose from, and for each opponent slot can either specify an opponent or randomize. An additional 12 opponents are unlockable via various achievements; other achievements, in turn, require you to have previously unlocked a specific AI. Supposedly each one has a unique play style, but we didn’t really notice anything in particular, and there’s no information about how they differ.

sopio expansion

Achievements will also unlock additional cards – you can also unlock them all at once for a 99 cent IAP. It seems that you can only insert them into the main deck when you’ve unlocked all the cards in a given expansion pack.


While the 1000 Blank White Cards aesthetic of Sopio won’t appeal to everyone, it’s entirely keeping with the kind of game this is: a quick point salad game that is more silly fun than deep strategy. This will appeal to the same crowd that digs Fluxx or Cards Against Humanity (which can be played on the iOS via a not-altogether-excellent app called Evil Apples) but may frustrate those looking for something deeper. This sort of game actually plays pretty well on digital, as the constantly changing scores and rules are tracked automatically by the app. The only thing that really bugs us is the lack of ANY sort of multiplay – we understand why Internet options may not be ideal for a game like this, but local play via pass n play or Bluetooth seems like a gimme for a game that is so obviously focused on fostering a fun atmosphere with friends.

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