Cardboard Files: Spy Guys


Editor’s Note: Tovarich Pizann, one of our reviewers, has just had his first card game published offline! It’s called Spy Guys, and what follows is an overview of the game. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled content shortly.


There’s something about spies that have always captured the imagination, whether it be 007 suavely saving the day or Mad Magazine’s Spy vs Spy and their wacky antics. Adding to this grand tradition is Spy Guys, a family card game with just enough depth to keep gamers happy.


Spy Guys plays as sort of the classic game of Memory but with an edge. Each player assumes the role of an international agent of espionage with such fear-inspiring names as the Red Roadrunner. On the board in front of the players is a grid of 28 cards, and hidden there for each spy is a set of three Objectives and a Contact they must locate before making good their escape.


The game is unique in that cards are not played from your hand – your hand exists only to collect your winning set. On your turn, you’ll flip over a face-down card from the grid. Some of them are actions that let you do things like steal cards from your opponents, or make what is hopefully a mutually-agreeable trade. Others are simply objects or cold leads that may or may not help you.


When you turn over an object, you can take any card on the table – face up or face down – into your hand, and then place a card from your hand face down in the grid. Thus it becomes a game of cat-and-mouse as you seek out the cards you want, and seed the playfield either with actions you want to play, or traps you are laying for your opponents.


There are two Escape Plan cards. If one of them is face up, and you have the winning hand on your turn, you can reveal it and prove yourself the greatest spy of all!

Spy Guys plays 3-6 players (with a 2-player variant on the way) and is great for families or for downtime filler on a game night. For more information check out the game’s Facebook page. If you’re interested, you can find it from Victory Point Games or on Amazon.

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