Weekend Roundup: DLC for Lords of Waterdeep and Carcassonne, SolForge Sale and Space Hulk Goes Co-Op


Those hazy, lazy days of summer are just around the corner. Time to gear up with a few new expansions for your favorite iPad board games! Here’s a few of the latest and greatest to grace the platform.

Lords of Waterdeep


Back when we did our latest interview with Playdek, CTO Gary Weis hinted at the possibility of a Skullport expansion. Finally, the forces of corruption have landed on this incredible iPad version of a great introductory worker placement game. In addition to the Corruption system, Skullport adds 3 more spaces, 3 more Lords, and a handful of Intrigue cards and buildings to add variety to your game. It’s also fully compatible with the Undermountain expansion – which is on sale for a measly dollar for a few days, to celebrate the arrival of Skullport. Grab your swords and sally forth!



Two years is a long, long time on the App Store. It’s unusual for a game that old to still get updates – the only other one we can think of offhand is Plague Inc – but Carcassonne, in addition to a few maintenance releases, has just been graced with the Phantom. This expansion isn’t super easy to find offline, and adds an extra meeple to your camp – this one made of translucent plastic. In addition to just being an extra worker, the Phantom can be placed along with another worker on a tile, giving you flexibility to control the farms, roads, and cities. Fully compatible with other expansions, the Phantom offers up a wealth of strategic options for just 99 cents.

Space Hulk


Admittedly we have something of a love-hate relationship with this classic minis struggle, but the latest update adds an intriguing option: cooperative multiplayer. A new  lobby allows for up to 4 humans per game (two on a side) and a new campaign, “The Defilement of Honor,” comes equipped with maps and scenarios specifically built around this new player dynamic. We’re still not thrilled about what it costs to really sink your teeth into this one, but if you picked it up in the sale a few weeks back, why not drop in the new campaign and give it a try?


solforge legendary

Not too long ago, SolForge got its first major content expansion. Now that people have had a chance to figure out how to break the new cards, and Stone Forge has had a chance to balance them, the company is putting their Legendary Chests on sale. If you want to get some of the new power cards, this is probably the best way to do it – but only until 5/31, so get the lead out if that’s your digital poison.

Have fun with the updates, readers! Summer’s just around the corner – beat the heat and stay inside with some expanded games.


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