Update Roundup: iOS 8 Edition


A new version of the iOS always means a few old favorites need to get retooled. Here’s a look at a few key players in the brave new world of that what runs the iPad.


One of the first names in digital tabletop, Playdek has been quite busy with iOS 8. First up is an update to perennial favorite Ascension, bringing the Darkness Unleashed expansion to the digital version of the game.


Playdek is also taking advantage of App Bundles, a new feature of iOS 8. The company is offering 3 different bundles, one focusing on board games, one on card games, and one on just about everything they make. More info can be found at their iTunes Store page.


Playdek is hardly the only developer taking advantage of this new feature. Also on tap is Codito, makers of several Knizia games, as well as Le Havre and A Brief History of the World. More can be found on their iTunes Store page.


Neuroshima Hex

Big Daddy Creations has had a slow-burn sleeper hit with Neuroshima Hex, a tile laying game of murder and mayhem in a dark future.


The game has been updated for iOS 8 compatibility, placed on a fairly deep discount, and granted the new Mississippi Army – they’re not strong, but they can poison the opposition – to create new options and strategies in the game.

Updates Galore

Other apps updated to bring them more in line with iOS 8 include:

  • Star Realms, a recent favorite of ours
  • Talisman, which also gets 2 new IAP characters and sets the stage for the Dungeon expansion
  • Carcassonne, for 4 years one of the best board game translations on the platform
  • 1st & Goal, a new football game we’ll explore in a few days

Coming Soon

We’ve save the best for last – two long-awaited ports have been submitted to and approved by Apple! Look for Galaxy Trucker and Sentinels of the Multiverse coming to an iPad near you within the next few weeks – and we’ll have all the latest once they hit, keep it here for more as it develops!

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