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Back in February, we published a preview of Uhr-Warlords, a new abstract strategy title set in the world of Uhr – a dark fantasy kingdom created by Turbo Tape Games. Now the final build is on the App store, complete with a lite version to give you a taste – are you ready to take command?


U-W is played on a 7×7 grid. Each player starts with 7 Strongholds (1 at the end of each row) and 10 life points. Your ultimate goal is to reduce your opponents’ life points to zero.

uhr-warlords gameplay 2

You start each turn with a base of 10 Uhrcraft, the power source which will determine the actions you can take on a turn. Uhrcraft is used to summon or move creatures, activate some abilities, or utilize the Runes – a pair of attack spells unique to each player.

uhr-warlords creature card

You begin with no forces on the map, and must summon your army from 8 available creatures – you may have, at most, any combination of 6 of them on the board at one time. A creature cannot act the turn it is summoned, but is also immune from attack until the next turn. Each creature has a move pattern and an attack pattern defined on its card (which may or may not be the same), a life point total, and a range of damage. Most also have a special ability which can be passive or active.

uhr-warlords move diagram

Once a creature has been summoned and is no longer shielded, tapping it will bring up its potential movement. Blue squares indicate viable moves, brown squares viable attacks, and red squares viable targets. Moving and attacking costs Uhrcraft – longer moves cost more points, and you’ll be shown interactively how expensive each move will be. Scattered about the field are Uhrcraft fonts; you get 10 points each turn, plus 2 for each font your pieces occupy.

uhr-warlords gameplay 1

A player loses one life point each time a creature dies, and two each time a stronghold is destroyed. The first player to reduce his opponent to zero life wins the game.


U-W is all about dragging. You’ll drag your chosen warrior directly to a space to summon; you’ll drag your Runes to their target; you’ll drag a piece to the space you want it to occupy, and keep sliding if you want to attack. This is a fairly intuitive interface but if your finger slips, it’s a little easier than it should be to move to the wrong space (a costly error for a long move) or to not attack an intended target. This wouldn’t be a problem if there was an undo button; the lack thereof is a somewhat startling omission.

uhr-warlords campaign map

The single-player experience hangs primarily on the campaign mode. This presents you with a map of the kindgom of Uhr and a number of scenarios to defeat, each against a different Warlord with 2 different Runes. Defeating a given mission unlocks the next one; each mission also has optional goals. Custom games can also be created against any of the Warlords, using any combination of background graphics and Uhrcraft font pattern the player chooses.

uhr-warlords tutorail

The game features an interactive tutorial, complete with voiceover narration. The mechanics of the game and interface are very thoroughly demonstrated; strategies tend to be emergent depending on the Uhrcraft font layout and the runes to which you have access, and this is touched upon but not explored in the tutorial. Multiplay is available via pass n play (each player can specify the two Runes of his choosing) and online via GameCenter.


Uhr-Warlords has the thematic trappings of a fantasy battle but is an abstract strategy game at heart. The fact that summoning pieces is both necessary to score points and leaves you vulnerable to your opponent makes for interesting choices, and ensures that no two games will ever play out exactly the same. With a beautiful presentation, fans of fantasy and abstract strategy will find a lot to love – if you can overcome the lack of an Undo button. If you aren’t sure, check out the lite version – with no ads and no IAP, the lite version gives you full access to the first campaign mission to give you a complete understand of what the game has to offer.

uhr-warlords win

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