News Roundup: Civ Rev, Blood Bowl, Ascension and more!

civ rev 2

The rest of 2014 is starting to look interesting – and a little expensive!

Civilization: Revolution Gets A Sequel

civ rev 2

There might have been some good to come out of the fallout of Dungeon Keeper – it looks like EA, in some limited capacity, is starting to do an about-face on its abusive IAP policies. We already saw the freemium model of Sid Meyer’s Ace Combat get turned around with the premium-priced Pacific Skies. Now the expensive nag-ware that is Civlization: Revolution has received a premium-priced sequel – somewhat expensive as iPad titles go, but the $15 price tag gets you the whole game. We’ll have a review shortly, so stay tuned…

Games Workshop Brings The Pain


It almost seems as if Games Workshop is trying to reinvent itself as a digital licensing house. In that spirit, football fans should keep their eye out for Blood Bowl coming to the iPad. Blood Bowl, of course, is the favored passtime game within the Warhammer game setting – the only thing that can get the various warring tribes to halt the wars and watch a…um…war within a war.

Anyway, this long-standing and well respected franchise of fantasy races playing rugby is coming to the iPad “in July,” which could mean just about anything. Meanwhile, the digital version of Talisman has received a fairly major update. The Frostmarch expansion is available for purchase, bringing alternate endings to the game along with new characters and adventure cards. The Gambler expansion character is also available for those who enjoy tempting fate.

Playdek Begins Struggles, Keeps Ascension


Playdek has two big pieces of news. First, on the heels of the announcement of the cancellation of the digital edition of the legendary Twilight Struggle, Playdek announced that they are joining forces with GMT Games to bring the game to just about every relevant digital platform, iPad included. (Take that, Ligato!) The big reveal there is that the adaptation, if all goes to plan, will support cross-platform play, greatly enhancing your potential opponent pool. Meanwhile, Stoneblade Entertainment has revoked their revocation of the Ascension license. This means that Ascension will stay with Playdek for the foreseeable future – which, in turn, means the Rise of Vigil expansion is now on the horizon! No release date details yet, but given Playdek’s reputation we can’t imagine it will be too long.

Get Your Paws Off Me You Damn Dirty Ape!


Plague Inc has announced an unexpected by fairly cool-sounding forthcoming update: an Ape infection to correspond with the latest Planet of the Apes franchise film from Fox. This time around you’ll have to not only kill the humans, but also evolve in parallel to strengthen the apes, who you must then use to overrun research stations, remain in hiding from extermination squads, and so forth. New ways to play an awesome game are always welcome. No release date on this yet, but the tie-in movie is set to release July 11, so we can’t imagine it’s too far off.

We’ll have more on all of these cool titles as they develop. Stay tuned!

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