Let’s Twist Again: Dungeon Twister Crowd Funder

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dungeon twister titlein 2004, Christophe Boelinger unleashed Dungeon Twister upon the world. Described as a cross between chess and the Lord of the Rings, this two-player game featured competing teams of adventures wandering around an ever-changing board comprised of 8 dungeon tiles. On a turn, you can move a piece, attack a foe, or rotate a section of the dungeon, changing the layout of the maze and changing your options in your quest to gain five mighty victory points.

Over the intervening decade, the game has developed something of a cult following. Numerous expansions added more players, more tiles, more characters, and more options; a fully-compatible sequel brought new challenges; and a recently released card game adaptation introduced the now out-of-print game to a new legion of fans.

Now, as the 10th anniversary of the game is upon us, a French entrepreneur named Alexis Diakonoff has taken it upon himself to bring this popular dungeon crawl of yesteryear to new digital life on an iPad near you – and he needs your help. The Dungeon Twister app is being funded via the power of the crowds on European funding site Ulule. As crowd funding goes, the project’s goals are modest – but as with all good game stories, there’s a twist.

Though the project is currently funded at it’s base level, Diakonoff is a true fan and is trying to bring all the expansions out as well. To this end, the project has a number of stretch goals and funding levels. The basic funding level grants you access to a download of the game on your iPad, and the various stretch goals seem to offer various expansions.

dungeon twister contentsWe say “seem to” because it’s not immediately clear what the funding levels get you, exactly – one of the dangers of crowd funding software. If the project hits its final stretch goal, it will implement the 3-4 player expansion and the Minotaur expansion from Spielbox magazine. Additionally, there seem to be funding levels that will guarantee you access to expansion characters and items – digital goods which may not be available to the general public unless the game is a success. There are also several physical rewards for the high rollers, up to and including the original hand-built prototype Boelinger used to get the game off the ground.

We’ll have more information on this project if and when it develops – at this writing there’s no timeline suggesting when this project will be delivered, so we’re not sure when this information will be forthcoming. What information exists can be found on the project’s Ulule page.

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