Kickstarter: Stak Bots Live

Stak Bots Live

Back in October last year, I was asked to review a deck building game called Stak Bots. Designed to appeal to audiences of all ages, the card-based game centers around battling robots. Some of these are Core Bots, basic cards which can be quite strong but have no additional abilities. Specialist Bots have extra abilities which, when combined strategically, can result in powerful attacks.

Stak Bots

I played this game to death for a while, then promptly dropped it and moved on to the next (as you do). Admittedly, I had completely forgotten all about it, until I recently heard from the developer, Tom Norfolk. He emailed me to let me know that him and his team are rebooting Stak Bots with some really cool new features, like live PVP, Multi-Stak and more. To fund this new version, he’s started a modest Kickstarter campaign.

Stak Bots Live

New Features

According to the Kickstarter page, there’s a ton of new features coming to Stak Bots Live, as you can see below. I must admit, I’m quite excited about this new edition, so I hope the campaign is successful, and the developer delivers on his promise.

  1. Live online play (2-player) and a multitude of AI levels.
  2. Multi-Stak and Single-Stak play to suit different levels of complexity.
  3. 50+ unique Bots, each with their own way of functioning.
  4. Create your own custom decks using the rank-building system; battle them against your friends’ decks online, or against the AI decks.
  5. Reactive play – a game mode that allows you to play cards to defend against attacks.
  6. Random and endless AI levels for repeat play. Use your custom decks to try and progress further against each AI deck in endless mode.
  7. Crusade mode (AI and PVP) – Win as many matches as you can in a row against different opponents using the same deck.
  8. An interactive tutorial to ease you into the game.
  9. Leaderboards and lots of achievements.

So if you liked the original game, head over to the Kickstarter page, check out their video, and show them a bit of love!

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