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Hexzzle is a puzzle game in which you drag little hexagonal creatures – Hexzzles – on to the game board to solve the puzzle.

Hexzzle launch screen


Every level has a different goal and these increase in difficulty as you progress through the levels. At first glance it would appear that Hexzzle is yet another match-3 game. Whilst matching three Hexzzles does indeed result in clearing them off the board, the twist here is that doing so is not the desired result. Filling the board to the correct configuration completes the puzzle. Consequently, removing Hexzzles by matching them is counter-productive.

Hexzzle Level Selection

Having said that, there are times when matching three is the only way to complete a puzzle. Sometimes you need to sacrifice three or more of the poor little creatures in order to finish the puzzle. For example, if the configuration requires the board to contain no more than six of each colour, the only way to accomplish this is to remove any excess Hexzzles by purposely matching them. Alas, even the best laid plans can be scuppered by the introduction of special Hexzzles in later levels.


With regards to risk, this manifests itself when you fail to complete puzzles. Once the limited lives are all used up, the only way to gain more chances to play is to either buy some with in-game currency (Power Gems) or wait until the timer refreshes one or more lives. Power Gems are earned through completing puzzles and are randomly gifted by the game. They are also available to buy with real money through in-app purchases or can be gifted via Facebook.

Hexzzle Win


An interesting and varied game mechanic, combined with 70 levels will keep you playing for a while. Unfortunately, it is impossible to skip a level and return to it later. The colourful, simplistic interface and cutesy creatures will appeal to younger players and those who enjoy “games” like Candy Crush. Talking of which, the financial implementation of Hexzzle feels rather similar to Candy Crush. Whilst you can beat the game without any IAP, this will take a fair bit of luck and determination (aka grinding). Most likely you’ll spend some time waiting for the timer to reset to allow gameplay to continue. Therefore, it’s a game best played in relatively small doses on a daily basis, in order to gain free Power Gems.

Hexzzle Power Gem

This type of game is becoming increasingly common on the App Store. Personally, I dislike games that make me wait for a set time or pay to keep playing. No doubt I’m in the minority here, as proved by the popularity of Candy Crush et al. Nonetheless, you need only look at previous puzzlers I’ve reviewed to see that there are fairer pricing models out there (Puzzle Retreat, Arrows XD, Cubis Creatures).

Hexzzle Fail

Facebook integration is useful for those who use it, allowing you to synchronise your game saves across multiple platforms. Thankfully it isn’t mandatory. Personally I’d prefer Game Center integration and multiplayer action, but alas neither exists.


4/10 An interesting game idea which is somewhat let down by the financial model, inability to skip puzzles and the cheesy graphics. But hey, it’s free to download so you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

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