Zombicide Sequel Blows Goal Within 24 Hours

Published on March 4, 2013
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Just a few days ago, I was talking about the fantastic iPad companion app for the highly successful Zombicide miniatures game. Yesterday, I received an email about a sequel to the game, as well as an expansion pack that’s compatible with either. Despite clicking on the link as soon as I received it, the funding goal of $25,000 had already been easily met and then some. It seems there’s an awful lot of us literally throwing money at Cool Mini or Not. ¬†At the time of writing, it’s reached $620,000 and has already blown 15 or so stretch goals right out the water.

The original Zombicide kickstarter last year ended at $780k, so it’s hard to say they didn’t see this coming. I’ve heard a lot of people regret not backing the original in retrospect because of the sheer number of additional minis that ended up being included. A similar incredible value package is shaping up this time around – here’s what’s currently included at Inmate and above levels.

  • Kickstarter exclusive: Brad player character and his zombie counterpart
  • 4 more original walkers, 2 more runners, 1 more fatty and 1 abomination
  • new player character Thaissa and her zombie
  • Skull Tracker for level
  • new player character Kirk and his zombie
  • set of orange dice
  • new Skull first player tracker
  • 4 toxic walkers and 4 beserker walkers
  • new player character Rose and her zombie
  • red dice set

zombicide sequel

Don’t worry if you missed out on the original, the sequel is a standalone game in it’s own right – or you can pledge at the $220 for the lot (original, sequel, expansion, special dog set + bonuses). Of course, you won’t get the original exclusives and bonuses; so don’t make the same mistake this time!


Review By: James Bruce

James also hosts a weekly technology podcast (NSFW language), and is a staff writer and developer for the fantastic tech blog MakeUseOf where he regularly writes about Arduino and Wordpress.
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