Upcoming Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler Unsworn Announced


Dungeon crawling games – if done right – can be a deeply satisfying and wholly immersive experience. Frequently, I lose track of time whilst playing games in this genre – like Diablo 3 on PC, Warhammer Quest on iPad and physical board games like Wrath of Ashardalon.

So I’m always on the lookout for the next great dungeon crawler. However, whilst there is a slew of mediocre and IAP-hungry dungeon crawlers on the App Store, stellar titles rarely come along. Even more rare are top notch dungeon crawlers with a Sci-Fi theme, as opposed to the usual warrior/rogue/sorcerer class system set in a fantasy universe. I was thrilled to read the recent announcement from Invulse Games about the upcoming release of their new Sci-Fi dungeon crawling RPG Unsworn on a forum.


Not much is known about Unsworn as yet, but the developer Invulse Games had this to say:

After months of work we’re finally ready to announce Unsworn our upcoming Sci-Fi dungeon crawling RPG. Drawing influence from games like Borderlands, Diablo and Torchlight series, we’re aiming to bring that exciting mix of action, looting, and RPG story elements to a top down Sci-Fi shooter. The game will feature atleast 3 classes, hundreds of different weapons/items, and diverse skill tress, all of which we will be releasing more info on soon. We’ve been slaving away for the past few months creating a proof-of-concept demo which will be released very soon, but for now here are a few concept pieces, screenshots and the first gameplay video from one of the demo environments.


All that addictive class, weapon and skill customisation goodness that you get from the big PC titles, crammed into a Sci-Fi top-down shooter on your iPad! Isometric games have a board-game feeling to them, and as a board game fanatic I’m so excited for the release of Unsworn on iPad.


Whilst the game is currently in pre-alpha development, Invulse Games have made available a proof-of-concept demo of Unsworn running on OSX. I’d have preferred to see the demo on iPad of course, but the developer has said currently the only difference is some of the UI and a couple of post processing effects and shaders, which is encouraging. Invulse have confirmed Unsworn will be available for iPad (as well as Android, Ouya, OSX and Windows).


The pre-alpha gameplay video below shows off some pretty impressive graphics. Whilst the sound effects are a bit tinny and the AI appears rather weak, obviously we can’t judge the game on these factors so early into the development cycle.

Hopefully there’ll be more information on the release date, features and pricing of Unsworn available soon. We’ll keep you updated.

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