Kickstarter: Gettysburg: The Tide Turns

One hundred and fifty years ago yesterday the Battle of Gettysburg kicked off, one of the most important battles in US history and the turning point of the Civil War. What better a time for Battle of the Bulge dev’s – Shenandoah Studio – to announce the beginning of their new Kickstarter campaign, Gettysburg: The Tide Turns – a hex-based war game of brigade level combat, designed by veteran war games designer Eric Lee Smith.


The Kickstarter is looking for a modest $20,000 and has already managed over $7.1k in pledges with 35 days to go. For the reward tiers, the hot tip is the $25 level, which gets you the game on release and a PDF containing the all the rules and components you need to be able to play the prototype prior to release. If you fancy doing a bit more for the campaign, the $70 option comes with the PDF rules, Shenandoah Studio t-shirt, a full printed map of the battlefield and participation in an exclusive Kickstarter backers’ tournament.


Based on what we’ve seen so far from the devs, we can expect Gettysburg to be pretty as anything. Obviously, it’s the rules and the gameplay that we’re here for, but looks don’t hurt at all. On Bulge, Shenandoah gave us a gorgeous map of eastern France, where map art and design married into an elegant, intuitive interface. Count on America’s second most famous battlefield to look stunning.


Planned features for Gettysburg include:


  • Play as the Union or Confederates across the entire scope of the battle
  • Play on both iPad and iPhone
  • Easy play for casual players
  • Access to depth and full game rules for hardcore players
  • An innovative movement system that randomizes turns for increased tension
  • Beautifully rendered maps and interfaces in period style
  • Historical context and content included along with the game
  • Online multiplayer via Game Center
  • Combat on a battlefield that actually has hills named “Big Round Top” and “Little Round Top”


Shenandaoh Studio are the brains behind last year’s exceptional Battle of the Bulge release, which brought traditional wargaming to the OS in the most polished and elegant we’ve seen so far. We spoke to the devs recently and will have the interview up later this week with some more detail about the game, as well as details of the first Battle of the Bulge expansion – El Alamein.


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