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Back in January, Days of Wonder launched a Kickstarter to fund their upgrade of Small Worlds for the iPad. The campaign received a lot of criticism and was quickly cancelled, even after it raised nearly half the targeted funds. When they pulled the plug on the project, they promised that it would be back in March with re-evaluated funding levels and a goal that made sense. Today sees the relaunch of the Small World 2 Kickstarter, with a new main objective of porting the iPad version of the game to the Android, Kindle and PC platforms.

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What does that mean for iPad owners? Nothing really, as the iPad version of Small World 2 is already well under way and set to release this summer. If you already own the original Small World for iPad, you’ll be receiving the Small Worlds 2 upgrade for free when it finally ships, regardless of the success of the Kickstarter. However, if you’d like to get in on the Kickstarter exclusive perks, either in digital or physical forms, now’s your chance.

The Triton Tier comes in at $8 and offers the digital versions of the three Kickstarter exclusive Special Powers and Races, for those backers that already have the game on iPad. It also gives you access to the Days of Wonder forum where development and gameplay will be discussed, with a Triton forum badge for your avatar. If you don’t have the original iPad app yet and are still interested in these races, the $15 Skeleton tier is for you, securing you a copy of Small Worlds 2 on the platform of your choice, and the digital Kickstarter exclusive rewards.

Small World 2 Triton Tier

The $40 Goblin Level gets you Small World 2 on any platform, with both a digital and physical copy of the Kickstarter exclusive Special Powers and Races. Backers at this level also get a brand new, never released before, physical copy of the 6-player map for Small World and Small World Underground.

Small World 2 Goblin Tier

The footage and screencaps of the new game show a vast improvement over the original iPad app, which we reviewed in 2011. Small World 2 looks to be raising the bar, adding support for more players (2-5) and the introduction of online play. The price of the app will jump up to $9.99 with the upgrade’s release, so if this new version looks tempting and you’re not interested in backing, you might want to pick up the original now for $6.99 and take advantage of the free upgrade later.

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