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iDice from NestedApps is a fiendish pick-up-and-play puzzler which looks deceptively simple, but will soon have you seeing spots in front of your eyes.



Spread across a number of increasingly-challenging levels, the object of iDice is to move a number of dice on a grid onto designated squares. Each die displays a number of spots, representing the number of moves it can — and must — make to reach one of the target squares. As you tap and move a die, its spots decrease until they disappear — if all blank dice are resting in the target squares, you complete the level and move on to the next.


If two or more dice are next to each other, at the expense of a spot, one of them can be used to shunt all the others along by a square. As the shunted dice do not lose a spot in the process, this soon proves an essential tactic to reach those target squares which initially seem too far away.

As is the norm in games of this type, the puzzles in iDice start off quite simple, then quickly ramp up, causing you to curse, swear and throw your iPad across the room (note: throwing your iPad across the room is not recommended by This, and the promise of updated levels, ensures the game is likely to keep puzzle game fanatics happy as long as they have hair left to pull out.


iDice has a satisfactory interface, with simple tap-based controls and clear graphics. During a puzzle, you can undo a wrong move, or reset the puzzle to its starting position — both things you’ll find yourself doing frequently as the difficulty levels increase.


Music is okay, in a plinkyplonky piano kind of way and simple sound effects accompany your moves. As with many puzzlers, you are rated out of three stars for each level you complete, based on the number of moves and the time you take to finish it.

iDice is a freemium title, which is one of its main minus points. Obtrusive banner adverts and splash screens pop up all over the place, and the price to remove them — £6.99 — seems a bit steep for a game of this type. Additional levels are also available to purchase in the store, and new levels are promised to be released in the future.



iDice will appeal to fans of logic puzzlers, as it provides a hefty challenge. Only the most die-hard fans will likely be prepared to pay the hefty price to get the most out the game though (unless perhaps they win a fortune at one of the many online casinos advertised constantly throughout…)

Score: 6/10

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