Weekend Round up: Frabjous Day!

Published on October 28, 2012
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Well the weekend is here, and it’s time to review all the intriguing changes to the iOS board game ecosystem over the week. It’s also that time of year where we encounter a range of halloween relevant items. Not everything listed here is part of that holiday offering, but nonetheless enjoy the pickings you’ll find.

Game Releases


Some of you might have noticed I didn’t flag Qin last week, even if none of you commented. No, it’s absence wasn’t intentional. So for your interest Qin is a Knizia game that was launched in mid-October. Unlike some other Knizia offerings, it passes the muster on being an actual board game, so I draw your attention thusly. [James will be reviewing this soon]

Crossword Dungeon

In an entirely unusual hybridisation of the dungeon-crawl and the crossword puzzle, you receive this. Science! What have you done!? Still, I’m going to check it out, because it may yet prove entirely enjoyable. Note, that this game is a 2x iPhone game.

Game Updates

Alien Frontiers
Though only recently released, Alien Frontiers has offered a very unique update, which makes it more accessible to persons who may have a type of colour-blindness. Normally I would only report on substantive updates to the game, but I think seeing a game developer take pause to render their games accessible is highly commendable and should be noted here.

Elder Sign: Omens
A minor note, relevant to the game play for this, where a small pate of bugs have been patched up.

Game Sales

Last year, we saw a bunch of hallo-themed sales; this year is no exception.

It’s Alive! – The Monster Building Game
If you didn’t check this game out last year when I reviewed it, and last year when they price dropped for halloween, this might be your opportunity to check it out; particularly since over the year they’ve added a few updates.

It’s Alive! shall be on sale for USD $0.99 until Halloween.

Zombie! Run For Your Lives!
This game got some peoples’ attention last week, and now we’re here to let you know that it is going to be free all day this upcoming Wednesday!

Crowd Funders

A mixed bag of funders, which are rarely iOS board game specific due to niche nature.

Cthulu World Combat: Cthulhu World Combat combines turn-based strategy gaming with H. P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror!

Ars Magica Video Game: The Ars Magica RPG comes to the PC, as a 2D simulation and generational role-playing video game… “Ars Magica: Years of Conquest”

The World of Steam: The World of Steam is a set of Twilight Zone-like episodes set in a Steampunk universe.

Review By: Angelus Morningstar

Completed a Masters of Jurisprudence at University of Sydney. I am an activist, dramaturge, and instigator of strange mind experiments. I’m a storyteller, and I mostly tell stories about people. These aren’t always stories you’ll find written down, they can be stories told over a coffee, told by firelight, told through art act and lifestyle. Of course, we all tell stories. We love our little fictions, lies and dreams – I just like to embellish a bit more than most. My current project of substantial size is called Eidolon. It can be found here: http://www.eidolon.me
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