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So some of you may have noticed that there have been a few slight changes to the website.

About a month ago I made a number of recommendations about how to make this website more interesting and relevant to a broader number of people. Initially, this arose out of the fact that I found the iPBG ranking cumbersome. Some games had reached an unshakable position in the rankings, while others would appear briefly as several of its developers would stack the voting upon its release. The problem is that some of the ranked games have been around for a great long time. In many instances we are seeing games with equal rankings but the game with more votes (by virtue of its length of time) having a greater ranking.

The first change was to limit the front page top ranking to entries that had more than 50 votes. This means that a number of games that are moderately popular, but have not that critical threshold have yet to appear in those rankings. Some of these include Nightfall, Titan HD, Timeline, War of the Roses, Ra, Battleline, Assassin’s Creed: Recollections, Zooloretto, Yo Deshi, Through the Desert, Imperial, and Kingsburg. All of these are games I’d recommend you have a second look at and give a ranking. I’d like to see them have a solid 50 or more votes from the readers.

However, you can see the entire ranking for every game reviewed here. This is a ranking purely based on the star vote, without any bias towards the number of votes. I thoroughly encourage you to add your vote to the many games there if you haven’t already. Most of the games I listed above are ones that have more than 20 votes, and so they show some popularity among the various players. The idea is to ensure that only the games with the broadest and highest appeal reach the 50+ rankings.

Another option we are looking at is whether we can implement a “what’s hot” column, whereby there is a top ten spot that reflects recent trends. If possible, this could sit alongside the top 50+ club to give you an idea of games that are popular as they come and go to give people something more changeable to watch. I know there is something of a competition that goes on where players try to vote their games into the top spots, but as more games come in this becomes more static.

One last option we’re probably able to implement is a multi-ranking system, but this is not final. Ideally we’d like to be able to create different rankings for aspects of the game, such as display (i.e.: graphics/sound), user interface, gameplay, teaching model (i.e.: tutorials/ruleset), and multiplayer. However, we are going to have to test out a few things before we implement such a system.

There are other things that we are looking to develop, but we will have to wait and see on their feasibility and I’d rather not spoil them until we know for certain. Until then, please go check out the list of all the games reviewed and be sure to add your own ranking.

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  1. blackfire1929

    you reminded me, that I indeed forgot to vote for some of the mentioned names. Thanks for the article and your website. Keep up the good work 🙂

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