Update: Many Things


Another round of exciting updates.

Game Releases

First off the rank, we get to look at some of the recent or impending game releases:

Dominant Species

The more exciting piece of news from my perspective was the release of Dominant Species, it was promptly downloaded and has been enjoyed thoroughly. My anticipation for this game was in no way due to knowledge of the game, but interest in the concept. It is effectively a game of evolution, trying to outrace an ice age (that sounds so wrong). It will receive a review shortly.

Caveman Curling

This is also another recent release, it self-describes itself as being “[o]n an ice-cold lake, two prehistoric men’s tribes are in confrontation in a KAIRN match, the palaeo-sport.” It is an adaption of a board game of the same name, noting that this would be an adaptation of the later version of this game. That is, Caveman Curling is a sort of second edition for a game once called Kairn, but which is somewhat different in nature and play style.

Take it Easy

Ravensburger Digital have also announced the release of their game “Take It Easy” as universal app. It is, once again, an adaptation of an existing Ravensburger title, where players attempts to complete a hexagon-shaped board sporting around 19 different spots for hexagon tiles. Players collaborate in their placement, and continue till the board is filled.


Ticket to Ride

To celebrate Halloween and Ticket to Ride’s “Halloween Freighter” train set for the physical boardgame, an update has been released, which contains a limited few treats, including themes screens, music, and sounds, and other nice quirky shinys.


Thanks to Pocketactics, we now have a sneak peek of an action battle scene for Eclipse!

Silver Tree
Note: Not a board game

Some of you are aware of the online game Fallen London, and the kickstarter I flagged a while back for their prequel. Delicious news! The Silver Tree (the prequel) is be available to play as of next week!


Also for your amusement, here is a list of intriguing and salacious funders, pretty much all are neither iPad or Boardgames exclusively, but feel free to pick them over.

The Official Settlers of Catan Gaming Board –An official plastic or wood board gaming frame for the seminal Eurogame!

Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game This only has a few days left on it, and it looks like a rather intriguing set of miniatures for your tastes.

Spaceopoly: a multiplayer sci-fi adventure game – A quirky planet-colonising game, which is being developed for the iPad.

Hillfolk – a game of epic personal interaction by Robin D. Laws, brings new dramatic insight to character-driven roleplaying.

Nova Praxis – a transhuman sci-fi tabletop role-playing game of action, conspiracy, and intrigue.

Democracy: Majority Rules – A Game of Politics & Negotiation – Manipulate the masses, juke the system, scam the true believers & make the world safe for Democracy & a better place to live!

  • BlackFire1929

    Hi, I think you mean pockettactics, and not pocketgamer.

    • Angelus_Morningstar

      @BlackFire1929 Thanks for picking that up!

  • Anthony

    – Dominant Species “has been enjoyed thoroughly”
    Angelus, you chastised Alien Frontiers for lack of a tutorial.  I hope you’re just as critical of games that provide tutorials that are essentially useless as learning aids.  Alien Frontiers was easy to learn just watching one board game video.  Dominant Species, however, is not easy to learn and it fails miserably in its attempt to provide assistance.  Thanks.

    • Angelus_Morningstar

      I have cast a critical eye over that aspect of it, but in my mind a far more grievous crime is a lack of tutorial all together.

      • Tnick

        Angelus, your style of writing is so try-hard, so pretentious and so slightly flavoured with arrogance that you actually put me off visiting this website.

        • Nikki

          @Tnick I think I’d be more inclined to criticize what he says rather than how he says it.