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Hello everyone, no this site hasn’t died, there have just been a few hiccoughs that we’re currently looking at. Incidentally, I was also over seas the last week on holiday, and had no time to update. Sadly, it seems like there wasn’t anything lined up for my absence.

Last week, Apple took objection to us using the term iPad in our domain, among other things. There are some legal loopholes we can avoid, but the long story is that it may be wise to change the domain name. While we expect to redirect all things from that site here, we are now going through a phase to determine what the new domain should be, as this is also an opportunity. The viability of this will depend on how supportive the ad providers are as revenue is, of course, vital to the longevity of this site.

Over the last year, you will have noticed that there isn’t always enough news and events related specifically to iPad Board Games, sometimes things can get slow and there aren’t always genuine board games for review. Also, we have tried to approach things in a more inclusive approach. The reality of gaming ecosystems are very different from 2010, than from today, if we change there is an opportunity to consider expanding the site to cover a) more types of games b) other platforms beyond iOS c) and greater variety of content, while still making board game or iOS related posts one of a type of news article accessible to those who want to focus in on them.

We’d be really interested in hearing from you about those developments. Personally, I am convinced that if we expand, we should maintain some coherent focus similar to this site. I think expanding to include other tablets would be quite organic, and being able to report on other platforms, like Android, would make sense. I also think there has to be some constraint to the types of games displayed on whatever permutation taken, to be more inclusive of a variety of physical games and their peripherals. This can include applications for pen-n-paper RPG gaming, miniatures, etc, like we tend to cover already.

The question is whether to also include other games on the tablet, and while I think games like King of Dragon Pass, Simon the Sorcerer, Monkey Island, a variety of strategy games, and various indie games all deserve mentions, I worry that too much of them would water down the focus of a website. Of course, with a decent filtering system, that probably wouldn’t be a real problem.

News and Updates

Here is just a few morsels for your interest. There is much more news to cover, but there is still a lot of work to catch up on.

Game Releases
Dominant Species is about to be submitted to the store, and Alien Frontiers HAS been submitted to the store has been released, according to their respective developers! Expect to see these games in about two to six weeks while Apple gets on top of iOS6.

See below for screen shots of Dominant Species:

Da Vinci’s Art of War


Through the Ages

We have previously reported that this was upcoming. The developers have this to say:

Civilization is at your fingertips. Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization allows iPad and iPhone users to build a culture-rich society over four different time periods. Based on the 2006 board game created by Vlaada Chvatil, Through the Ages challenges players to establish aspects of a civilization such as a government, military system, economy, and population. Drawn or purchased cards guide each player’s empire through four ages: starting with Classical Antiquity and ending in the Modern Age. The civilization with the most cultural elements, (religion, the arts, and architecture, to name a few) at the end of the ages is declared the winner.

Tanto Cuore

Playdek announced that it has formed a partnership with Arclight Games, a Japanese publisher of hobby games, to bring the company’s popular anime style game, Tanto Cuore, to mobile devices. They had this to say:

Tanto Cuore is an anime style, deck building game for two to four players, who take on the role of “masters of the house” in control of serving maids. Players use strategy to add maids to their house and the player with the best collection of maids earns the most victory points and wins. Beware – a player’s opponents can make the maids become sick or give them bad habits, reducing the number of victory points they are worth.

Funder Other News

In other news, my own funder for a pen-n-paper funder has reached its target, check out this video for more info:

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  1. johnholland

    I love the site. I think it would be very easy for you to change the domain to “touchboardgames”, “tapboardgames” or “tabletboardgames”. There are certainly issues introducing multiple platforms, and i am a huge iPad fan. but if apple are going to be dicks about it.

  2. Junsheng

    I support the move to include board, card and tabletop games for other devices e.g. Android. I also support the inclusion of apps that enhance gaming in the real world e.g. die roller for D&D.
    Gamers who enjoy pen-and-paper RPGs will no doubt enjoy King of Dragon Pass. As such, I also feel that it is a good move to include games are remotely related to more traditional board, card and tabletop games. This has the added advantage of providing more apps to cover during periods of boardgame “drought”.

  3. lookmanohands

    To be honest, I never liked the generic ipadboardgames name or domain:) I had been wondering what was up, so it’s nice to see an update. 
    I also agree not to lose too much focus. Keep it on digital versions of board games and board game related accessories on any platform. During dry spells maybe throw in strategy games of the moment:)

  4. Michiel de Mare

    I’m only interested in iPad board games, so I’m fine with no updates for a few weeks if there are no new releases. I like the high signal-vs-noise ratio on this site.

  5. DukeRitenhouse

    No interest at all in other platforms. And here’s an important point to consider: MANY other sites already cover those platforms better than this site could ever hope to do.
    Stick to your strengths and don’t spread yourself thin. Change the name if you have to, but stick with iOS. Add iPhone coverage, if you feel it’s necessary.

  6. Argel

    I’d like to echo staying with just iOS. As far as expanding coverage, I would love to see turn-based strategy games covered. It seems like a logical extension, given that many of the board games are strategy games.
    I do not see how The Secret of Monkey Island fits in or the others mentioned, except maybe King of Dragon Pass. Sounds like something better left to a monthly feature covering non-turn based games deemed worthy enough of mention.

    • Mark W

      @James Bruce Interesting, because in my experience with the recent Google updates, exact match is not an issue if that’s what the site is about.
      Of course, all your content that’s been built the site so far will pass all their ranking to the new domain, so it shouldn’t be a big deal one way or the other. So you either would go with tablettopgaming with it’s search metrics or do something a little more targetted like boardgamesfortablets. Doubt you could go wrong either way.

      • James Bruce

        Really want to go with something more catchy though.. Anyway, I have a domain picked out. Just trying to establish if that TLD is rankable right now… If tests are positive, will begin a migration in the following months.

        • James Bruce

          Sorry for the late reply Mark. Good question. I have some other sites with content just sitting there that has ranked before, so I take those articles, redirect all to the new domain, and monitor the rank. If I redirected properly, they should see the ranks move over fairly quickly. 
          Tests seem to be successful so far, but I’ll keep an eye on it longer in case the rank suddenly dies.

  7. David1968

    iPad’s are losing market share fast and Samsung is partnering with Google on tablets – expanding to tablets is your best bet for growth while remaining focused on true board games is your niche. The board game niche is in fast growth mode on iPads now and will be on tablets next year.

    • James Bruce

      Actually, the latest figures showed iPads *gaining* market share, as the Android alternatives weakened. However, I would expect this to change once they account for the new Kindle FireHD and upcoming Google tablet (though Surface won’t dent a damn thing). I think covering other platforms is certainly the way to go; but if you look at the state of boardgaming on the Android platform right now the siutation is dire – in terms of official Eurogames, you have Catan, and thats it. It’s like the iPad, 2 years ago. So definately worth getting a foot in there now, though it wont have much impact on the site for a while yet.

    • James Bruce

      Appreciate the input; board gaming on the Android is still very much in it’s infancy, of course. I think expanding variety of games covered will be good as long as we stick to high quality stuff that board gamers are likely to be interested in – not just any old puzzle game or RPG, but something really worthwhile checking out. And I will of course provide feeds to bypass all that too…

  8. frankie321

    We have two iPads in our household, and we love board games.  My spouse does also have an Android tablet in addition to my old iPad 2, so interplatform play is nice.  My son is an Android fan.  I only use iPad 3, iPod Touch, and iPhone.  So, reporting on tablet board games that are multiplatform would be nice.  Bottom line, though, is that we play iPad board games when we play tablet board games.  I now prefer a good tablet version to the physical board game (e.g., Ticket to Ride).  As tablet board games are cheap, I don’t need to see your reviews to save money, but rather to judge which games are worth my time to learn.  We like tablet board games because they provide interaction, looking and chatting at each other was we play, as opposed to solo play which the standard of tablet games.  I hope there will be more and more tablet board games!  
    I have an interest in turn based strategy games, which I prefer to say puzzle or action games.  So I would read those reviews here.  However, I play these solo, against the computer AI or playing the campaign, as my spouse doesn’t like turn based strategy war games (though she does like Civilization).  My son likes computer strategy games, but hasn’t liked any tablet game as good enough to compare to strategy games available on PC (e.g., Starcraft II).
    Anyway, that’s how one consumer’s family stands on these issues.

  9. Carlos Ascanio

    I like a lot this site because I like Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and board games, so, in my case it would be fine if you just change the name.
    Of course, I understand android is growing, so, I would tell you to change the web page’s name and monitor android board game developments in order to include it in a future.

  10. oxHanoverxo

    They are developing Dominion as a multiplayer online game on the WindowsRT platform. This means Windows 8 tablets and PCs will be able to play it. This is why I wouldn’t just stick to the iOS platform…especially when companies like Sony are actually coming out with all in ones that can be flipped on their backs and used as giant tablets. This makes the possibility of full sized board gaming on a tablet closer to reality.

  11. Munkoli

    How ironic that they are objecting to your use of the name ipad, which is only going to push you to promote their rival. Sounds like Apple has got too big! One side of Cupertino has obviously lost contact with the other side. Reminds me of Sony and their pride before downfall. Yeah, sod Apple if they are going to shoot you for all the great work you have done for their platform. I bought so many games in the App store after reading about them here. Open up and teach them a lesson. Probably you will help grow the Android market somewhat. Literally the only reason I havent changed platforms at least on my phone is the lack of board games on Android, but perhaps this is the catalyst to change that.

  12. Kevin_A.

    Just thought of more site name suggestions (albeit a few months later):
    Digital Board games
    Board game Digital
    Digital Tabletop
    Digital Gaming
    Digital Gaming Central

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