Starving Gators

Starving Gators
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Starving Gators
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Starving Gators

With its large colorful graphics and quick and easy gameplay, Starving Gators is a game targeted at the whole family – and will particularly appeal to younger iPad gamers.


If the hippos are hungry, then the gators are starving…Taking very obvious inspiration from kids’ real-life game Hungry Hippos, this title from Rocket Splash Games sees four rather peckish alligators gathered round a fishpond.

By pressing a button next to each one, the gators snap their jaws into the middle of the pond, hopefully gobbling down some point-scoring fish in the process. Most of the fish are worth a single point, but silver and gold fish occasionally appear, scoring more points for the gator who chomps them up.

And that’s really all there is to it – after a pre-selected time limit is up, the player with the highest total wins.

Starving Gators


Starving Gators is an attractive game to look at, with its large cartoonish characters and cheerful colors. Young gamers will have no trouble picking up how to play, as all that’s really required is hitting on one button.

Prior to starting a game, you can choose the time limit and also the number of players, from 1 to 4. Playing solo can be a rather lonely affair, as the only challenge for the solitary gator is to try and beat the high score.

Starving Gators

One of the most fun aspects about Hungry Hippos is the random element, with marbles ricocheting off each other and the hippos’ mouths as the game gets a physical pounding. This element is missing from Starving Gators, as the fish seem to swim predetermined paths around the pond. It might have been a nice touch to make them dart away from the clashing gators’ jaws, as this would have introduced a bit more of a competitive angle to the game.

Music and sound are as you would expect: a jaunty jingle (which older gamers may find themselves wanting to switch off) and some snapping and splashing noises all contributing to bright and cheery package.

Starving Gators


Starving Gators is one for the younger gamers out there. It’s colorful, fun and fast-paced, but it doesn’t present a big enough challenge or gameplay variety for anyone other than the kids.

6 / 10

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