Spread Out 3D

Spread Out 3D
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A deceptively simple puzzle game, Spread Out 3D from Canaba IT will soon have you tearing your hair out (though in a good way).

Spread Out 3D


A puzzler for one player only, Spread Out 3D consists of a series of square boards on which piles of tiles of varying height are placed. Touching a pile gives you the option of spreading the tiles out horizontally or vertically as far as the edge of the board, or another occupied space. Any leftover tiles in the stack remain, and must be spread out in another direction until all the spaces on the board are covered and the piles have been dispersed.

Spread Out 3D

Solving puzzles awards you points which can be used to unlock the other boards in the game, which due to their size and the initial placement of the tiles, quickly get progressively harder.

Previous moves – which seemed like a good idea at the time – can result in stalemate, with you unable to spread out the piles any further: and you having to backtrack to try another approach in what quickly becomes an involved and absorbing head-scratcher of title.


Spread Out 3D is well implemented, with crisp and clean graphics and an intuitive interface. Touching a pile highlights the spaces on the board you can spread the tiles out to; the board can also be rotated and zoomed in 3D, helping to give you a full view of your options and plan your next moves.

Spread Out 3D

A pleasing wooden playing piece style is used, and menu screens and music are also nicely polished, adding up to a title which has an attractive visual and aural appeal. The developers have also included an invaluable 100-step undo button, which you’ll find yourself needing to make use of a great deal as you backtrack your way past an incorrect move and try another approach.

Game Center support and achievements are also included, and the available levels represent good value in terms of longevity.


With simple gameplay which can easily be picked up by players of all ages and strong challenging yet logical levels, Spread Out 3D is easy to recommend to all fans of abstract puzzle games. And with more levels on the way, the game looks set to continue to give gamers a mental workout for some time to come.


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  1. Carl Johan

    Well, this is not really a board game to start with, but I like this kind of puzzles, so it is nice that you reviewed it. Puzzles generally seem nice enough, but this game lacks visual clarity. It is really important for each spot exactly how many blocks are remaining, and the only way to see it is to count them.
    With colors for the different piles and numbers on top of them to indicate how many blocks are in each one, the game would be less tedious and more fun to play. And I think a 2d-mode (view from top) should be included as well. Right now it is possible to set the view to that angle, but it si impossible to play as you can not see how many blocks are in each pile.

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