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Spellcraft: Descent into Chaos
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Spellcraft is a release brought to us by Three Goblins, it is self-described as a “[f]antasy collectable card game made especially for the iPad!” that has been “[d]esigned and made by card players for card players”. I will say from the outset this is clear, though I would assume that when they say card players they mean those who specialise in Magic: the Gathering. Scratch the surface, and you will discover quite a lot of hidden things that are similar to MtG. I think there is enough variance that it falls short of being labelled as derivative, so maybe the way to approach this is familiar but different.


At its core, the game is a magical duel, where opponents use their pre-assembled decks to battle each other to the death. Both spell-casters have 20 health they are trying to protect, while whittling down the opponent’s through a war of attrition.

The means and methods are familiar, bring monsters into play, throw them at your enemy, and if you have enough, eventually they stick. MtG will also be familiar with analogies of summoning sickness, enchantments, and artefacts. In assembling your deck, you bring together a variety of monsters, traps, spells, auras, and other magical tricks.

The turn is similar too, each turn draw a card; then you have a pool of five magic points that you can use to cast spells by putting that card into play; then an attack phase; then a clean-up phase, discarding any excess cards. Here is where some of the difference lies, because the game board is arrayed into five columns, with each column being able to hold one creature and one aura. These columns prove important in conflict as once a creature is allocated to one, they are mostly immobile, and will be pitted against any creature opposing them on the same column. Each creature has a power and a health stat, conflict is resolved in favour of the creature with the highest power, and the difference is deducted from the defeated creature’s health.


One of the things that is most noticeable is the artwork; the developers definitely have a digital artist on their hands and their artwork is patently digital. In some instances this comes out really well, but unfortunately there are a few instances that depict humanoid images where it creeps into the uncanny valley. I doubt really fault the developers for this though, as an indie game it is really hard to refine the rendering of human characteristics without huge pots of money or technology.

There are some other UI flaws; for example, to access the rules, you have to click on the inconspicuous cog in the top left of the map screen. In being on the opposite end of the main menu interface, it does not strike you as the place to go looking. For this reason, I spent the first number of games failing dismally because I was trying to work out the combat mechanisms by observation and deduction.

My only only main critique is that there seems to be a fairly hefty learning curve. Even after figuring out all the bits and pieces of the game, I was still struggling to win more than half my games. Part of that may be attributed to me in the fact that I don’t click strongly with any game where pre-game deck building is a significant part of the strategy, but part of me feels somewhat suspicious that this difficulty is geared towards encouraging more in-app purchases. I don’t feel that I can make any headway unless I start throwing money at it, and this is the reason I avoided M:tG these days. Yes, you do earn money from winning, which can be used on new cards, but it feels very constrained. To win you need good cards, and to get good cards you need to win, only by sinking money in from the outset do you offset that.


6/10: This seems much of the same, and while there are differences unique to this game, which take advantage of the medium, I find it difficult to justify sinking money into this game. That being said, if you’re looking for a game that has a long play-life, maybe taking the slow route to success will work for you here. However, it’s free to try, so maybe it’s enough to get you hooked.

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  1. Mike

    well, there is not a hefty learning curve.  it is rather intuitive and I, a casual gamer, did not have any problem figuring out how to beat the AI, especially at level 1.  if you struggled then you write more than you play.  the game plays much quicker than Magic and i think the idea of having cards that reinforce your minion attacks (items, traps, and auras) is far more engrossing than magic.  this graphics are crisp, the gameplay unique and challenging, and the devs are easily reachable.  i disagree with your rating but then again, i disagree with most of your ratings.

    • Angelus Morningstar

      Hefty learning curve was probably not the best choice of words, I mean to say marshaling a strong deck to sufficiently challenge the opponents took a lot more time than I thought it should for the introductory levels of the game.

  2. majmitch

    I didn’t like the game much either. It’s just a poor MTG rip off that tries to suck money out of you (exactly like MTG). I also didn’t like the artwork, but that’s a taste thing. I think your reviews are pretty much on the nose, the AI DOES scale to appoint you mist probably need to buy cards.

    Bin this off and get Summoner Wars or Ascension far more engaging games.

  3. majmitch

    I didn’t like the game much either. It’s just a poor MTG rip off that tries to suck money out of you (exactly like MTG). I also didn’t like the artwork, horrible generic 3d stuff that us about as bland as the game. The artwork is soulless. I think your reviews are pretty much on the nose, the AI DOES scale to appoint you most probably need to buy cards. I also dislike the unresponsive interface, I want to see when I push a button that it’s pushed also zooming in on cards is clunky.

    Bin this off and get Summoner Wars or Ascension far more engaging games. Hell, ticket to ride pocket has far more tension.

  4. DukeRitenhouse

    There is no learning curve at all, let alone a “hefty” one. This game is dead simple.
    It’s also dull, unimaginative, repetitive, and butt-ugly. But it merits a 6/10 — the same score as the to-shelf Lost Cities? I really, really, really do not get how the ratings work around here …

  5. DukeRitenhouse

    There is no learning curve at all, let alone a “hefty” one. This game is dead simple.
    It’s also dull, unimaginative, repetitive, and butt-ugly. But it merits a 6/10 — the same score as the to-shelf Lost Cities? I really, really, really do not get how the ratings work around here …

  6. majmitch

    I said try, maybe for some purchases are necessary to break the dull repetition. It borrows many mechanics from MTG – summoning Sickness, the battle mechanic is similar to but made ultra dull by creatures actually taking damage and using lanes. This is particularly noticeable with walls,,,yep walls another rip off. Attacking walls is painful and dull. Lanes restrict options to the point of rinse and repeat attack, chuck cards to get through defences, no interesting decisions or cards. I don’t rate MTG either find it dull and luck driven unless your some deck builder freak then it’s more of a metagame. It looks shockingly bad as well, the artwork is awful.

    The game mechanics promote tedium and some a simply lifted from MTG.

  7. Mike

    heck with all of you, it’s a fun game.  MtG takes FOREVER to play as it is so freaking slow and managing 60+ cards is a pain unless you’re a geek and geeks don’t give objective reviews about other similar games.  this is a fun, FREE little project that is easy on the eyes (maybe not as pretty as Spectromaner, but who cares), and play is surprisingly diverse and smooth.  i think the artwork is fine, no better or no worse than ANY OTHER card game out there and that includes MtG, NIghtfall, Ascension, Summoner, Spectromancer, and (did I say) it’s frickin free!   give it a try and see for yourself and you can dismiss majmitch’s opinion as meaningless cuz it seems he’s disgruntled about everything. 

  8. majmitch

    I feel I’m being mis-represented here. I love lots of board and card games as a player for over 25 years, this simply is not an original or interesting game. I would rather pay for a good game than shout the merits of a game because its free.

    The artwork is all awful cheap 3d renders. You cannot compare to real illustration you find in the other games you mentioned. Spellcraft just looks cheesy.

    MTG is Faster, much faster than this game, what planet are you on? Spellcraft limps along due to the fact that walls and effects often negate the ability to attack on a lane or you have to wait 5+ turns to even get near demolishing a wall. Using lanes rather than allowing players discretion on damage creates an awful jammed up feeling when playing. You can’t play anymore creatures out without replacing creatures on a full lane and you might just do that otherwise you have to chuck away cards, pointless. It removes the rather more interesting MTG method of blocking and allowing damage as a choice. In this game the lane just dictates if you take damage or not. Very basic. Like I said before I don’t much care for MTG but this is inferior to many games I have played. The assassins creed game is free and has some interesting mechanics, I’d recommend trying that for free, don’t buy cards or play multiplayer as that game is horribly broken outside of the free campaign.

    Maybe mike is a disgruntled Dev for the game, either way try it by all means and you’ll see what I mean. Shame though it looked promising.

  9. Mike

    i’m no more a dev than you are an unbiased reviewer.  assassins creed is an IAP trap, you can’t even compete without more cards and i refuse to support games like that.  but i don’t want to argue with you as it takes you too long to explain why you think you’re right.  you don’t like it, i do….bye now

  10. Mimmi

    mitch, I tried spell craft yest after what u said. done 5 games . dont think I agree with stuff you said. was fast, dunno like 5 mins each?.
    its def not magic , more like the spectromancer Internet browser game.
    Agree with u about assassins creed – has good stuff in it.

  11. Bilbo

    “spectromancer Internet browser game”
    It’s available on the ipad as well…it’s a gorgeous game presentation with excellent gameplay and a hint button.   I too agree on Magic, too slow.  i have and like Spellcraft and it is similar to Spectromancer but lets you create your own card decks and gives you many ways to win or lose.  Of those games my faves are Spellcraft, Spectromancer, Magic.

  12. majmitch

    Looks like spellcraft dev is upset, lol.

    So after playing again just to make sure I wasn’t wrong I’m stuck with living maze and narrow tunnels which has rendered the last 20 YES 20 turns as unresolvable. No damage or effects can remove the utter dullness of lane nurfing. I did replace one of my own narrow tunnels I put on a lane only to be re-nurfed by a living maze. Give me a break this games going to go on forever. Zzzzzzzzzz

  13. Mike

    “20 turns as unresolvable”
    You’re simply a crappy player my friend.   I’m at level 6 (that’s 60 games cardboy) and don’t get snarled like you.  You are simply trying to blame the game for your own ineptness.   You don’t like the game.  OK, we get that.  You’ve voiced your opinion so go away.  If you paid $10 and felt gypped then your continual whining might be justified.  But you didn’t, the devs have offered this free to try.   Why you have to linger just to bad mouth someone else’s effort is beyond me.   You produce a game half this good I’ll be impressed.  Until then, go away and take your narrow mind with you.

  14. majmitch

    Yep defo Dev talking there. You should take criticism on the chin, being rude and misleading just shows how unreceptive you would be to suggestions to improve the game. Your overly aggressive tact against my original post just seemed like a weak attempt to deflect criticism by trying to undermine the credibility of my opinion which I find irritating. I am a game developer, but I wouldn’t need to be one to criticise this game.

    Fortunately I haven’t spent a penny on this game, neither have I had a particularly fulfilling experience with it either. Like MTG the luck driven nature of draws is compounded by dull lane nurfing where you end up discarding and drawing to get the right card…. Skill has nothing to do with it as this game requires next to none.

  15. majmitch

    Well, without being rude I’ll be constructive, if you are the dev (you do share the same name so its possible from my perspective), I think a simple change would really help the game flow. If you could stack creatures on a lane combining attack power and defence with the first creature always being the first to get killed this would stop the log jamming effect and create a really interesting interplay of lane buffs/nerfs and creature powers and allow greater combinations of effects on a lane (you can stack effects as well). This may increase the chance of good creature start hands having an advantage but with a Mulligan. I know there could be issues with this approach so there could be a 3 creature limit… just an idea..
    I’ve not said every game I play ends up log jammed but too many have so far and I hate having to discard because I can’t play any useful card. There is a reasonable game in there but I feel it needs tweaking…. 

  16. Tom_Bill_Ned_Frank

    “you do share the same name so its possible from my perspective”
    sigh, i would venture to guess there are more than a few Mike’s in this world but i can’t let you get away with this.  i’ve also talked to Mike at Three Goblins and i am not him, he is nicer than i am.  and second, mr. game developer, publish your own game here and see if you like people ripping into it for no apparent reason.   if i try something for free and don’t like it, i move on.  i don’t rip into it just to hear myself talk and until that last post YOU HAD NOTHING constructive to say!   if nothing else mitch, learn that little lesson as we look forward to reviewing your game.

  17. DukeRitenhouse

    You know, the old “publish your own game!” bit is really just about the stupidest internet rejoinder ever used.
    It’s not necessary to be a chef to criticize a meal; it’s not necessary to be an author to critique a book. Do you see where this is going?
    If not, I’ll go slower and use small words: it’s not necessary to be a developer to criticize an app.
    So, Mikey, it’s great that you like this game. Really, it is. Congratulations. I mean, even though it’s pretty much complete crap and is a cure for insomnia, it’s great that you’re a fan. But you really, really, really need to unclench your colon and realize that not everyone shares your opinion. Further, it’s OKAY that they don’t. Really, it is. The sun will come up in the morning.
    Finally, you might want to get your keyboard looked at — your shift key doesn’t seem to be able to form the capital letter “I”. Glad I could help.

  18. i_am_the_walrus

    boy duke.  you  really  told me didn’t you?  so articulate too.   i think now  i’ll probably stay off the internet.  even mitch is rubbing your head.  boy, you’re sure having a good day aren’t you?   i’ll bet i know what it is.  you woke up this morning and didn’t discover any new pimples.  that’s it huh?  congratulations!

  19. Angelus_Morningstar

    Right, time to weigh in on this. I’d call it a debate, except it’s gotten out of hand and has devolved into insult flinging. People are entitled to express a difference of opinion here, but a line needs to be drawn and a conversation needs to be moderated. Don’t make me put up rules!
    1) Criticism is ALWAYS subjective, so take it with a grain of salt. In my reviews I will always attempt to comment on some good and some bad. I also try to err on the lower side than not.
    2) Learn the difference between critiquing an idea and other logical fallacies like ad hominem attacks. It is not acceptable to attack a person in their own right on these forums.
    3) Criticism tends to expose people in vulnerable ways, so perhaps instead of bagging out a developer for that game, perhaps give a few ideas of what you would have preferred to have seen instead.

  20. SteveAtThreeGoblins

    From Steve @ ThreeGoblins
    Interested to read the debate.

    Just to be clear, Mike below is NOT the Mike on our crew, but thanks for your comments Mike!
    Can’t please everyone. But I suspect some below wouldn’t be pleased by anything anyway.

    In regards to being blocked for 20 turns. Whilst this seems unlikely, its easily avoided. Include the most basic blasting and “disenchanting” spells, which can be bought easily with the free gold given at installation. In addition if you don’t have the cards to defeat AI deck X choose one of the other 9 ? Each AI deck does present different challenges , that is intentional.

    It’s also designed to be fairly hard, basically I am not happy with the state of the games industry where you get rewarded for growing a carrot or pressing “OK”

    Anyway. I will hand back to Angelus.
    Steve, Three Goblins

  21. SteveAtThreeGoblins

    Steve @ Three Goblins here.

    Interested to read the debate. Just to confirm Mike below is not on our crew, but we do appreciate his comments, Thanks Mike!

    Can’t understand why Duke et al feel the need to comment on games they don’t like. Don’t play it then ?
    You already received a warning from the touch acade forum moderator for personal attacks.
    A review, as Angelus said, is subjective and whilst we hoped for a 7/10 we are not displeased!

    To the player that got stuck for 20 turns, it’s very simple to break any such stasis strategies using the most basic (and cheap) cards this do direct damage and “disenchant” . Note that each AI deck presents its own challenge , which requires thought. But if you can’t overcome it or don’t want to, just pick another.

    Steve @ Three Goblins

    • DukeRitenhouse

      It’s nothing short of astonishing that you think only positive commentary should be allowed. Really, what color is the sky in that world? Has every movie review you’ve ever seen been 4/4 stars? Has every book review been positive? Has every music critic loved every album you’ve ever owned? Protip: just because you released a game does not somehow make you immune from commentary.
      As to gameplay, I’ve got to tell you that I don’t think you’re being truthful with the whole “no, no, it never bogs down!” thing. I played every deck multiple times before I deleted the game, I bought multiple booster packs (not that I’ll ever see that money or those cards again; silly me for not following your invisible 29-step backup routine, I guess), and it quickly became apparent that there’s a simple truth to Spellcraft: it is FAR too easy to clog up lanes for nearly indefinite amounts of time, and it’s FAR too common for cards of equal strength to simply sit opposite each other and butt heads until the end of time. That reduces the available playing field and too often turns the game into a dull, mindless, static, plodding slog.
      And that’s actually useful information, as much as you might not want to read it. Because, without changes, I really don’t see anyone but a select core of groupies playing your game in six months. I’ve got an extensive network of fanatical iOS friends who represent a fairly broad spectrum of gaming tastes and interests. And not one of us is playing Spellcraft any longer. Everyone has deleted it; the messages we’ve exchanged have all centered around a central theme of dull gameplay.
      So do with that what you will. Ignore it completely, for all I care. Or consider making changes to some cards and the rules, adding new cards and powers, or whatever else might open up the board a little bit. As it stands right now, every card game on iOS — including those no longer supported, like Orions — has more dynamic gameplay than Spellcraft. Once people figure that out … well, you can fill in the rest.

      • SteveAtThreeGoblins

        You are correct, negative comments are necessary and welcome as I specifically spelled out above.

        But what is inconsistent are your comments here, on other forms and in the App store. I won’t quote you exactly but when a game had an ‘awful app icon ‘ ‘ terrible art’ ‘bad gameplay’ why oh why did you download it, play all the AI decks and then BUY more cards?

        Why do you seem to suddenly appear on any forum that talks about our game ? Why do like to fight people who do enjoy it, people that just want to play and discuss the game?
        Can you not see why I figured you might be not be who you seem to be..a regular player…?

        I will state it again . If you lost anything due to not using iCloud (and I think WE made a mistake by not explaining it properly) – and a lot of other Apps work the same way, email me your device ID, I will see to it you are sorted.

        That my second public offer, I can’t make it any plainer or fairer than that.

        Ok? Hear from you soon Duke.

        Big wet goblin slobbery kisses
        Steve @ ThreeGoblins

        • DukeRitenhouse

          In no particular order:
          1. I originally played the game and messed around with the different decks because, A) I like card games, and B) the initial experimentation was free. Also, C) I felt there might be a game in there somewhere and I wanted to see if I was missing something.
          2. I bought more cards because it was a fairly low-cost method of following up on A, B, and C above.
          3. Keep the money. Just stop ripping people off. Either warn them INSIDE the app that their purchases will be lost or just start tying purchases to Apple IDs.
          3A. I’ll note again: none of the rest of my 400-plus apps have EVER made me lose a purchase. Not once has this happened. I’ve lost data (like campaign progress), of course, but I understand why that is happening. But actual purchases? I’ve always been able to re-download those because they have been tied to my Apple ID.
          4. The Touch Arcade thing got out of hand when your #1 groupie Mack The Knife called me an idiot; it got worse when you implied the same thing with your whole passive-aggressive “my programmer says he doesn’t understand why anyone would do this …” speech. Like we’re talking about not backing up on some 1998-era Windows desktop system or something. I found that to be REALLY bad form for a new developer.
          5. However, I will edit the iTunes review, as much of that was written in the heat of the moment. I will edit out anything there that’s more emotional than useful. But the main points will stand: 90 percent of games bog down into a dull slugfest on a strangled playing field.
          6. I don’t understand why you’d seemingly be interested in an intelligent dialogue, then close with, “Big wet goblin slobbery kisses.” That’s just baffling. Here you are a new developer with a product that already seems to be disappearing, and you can’t resist the urge to get some shots in? Which one of us is supposed to be the professional here? 

        • SteveAtThreeGoblins

          (1) – (2) Ok thanks for explaining.   I cannot honestly say it makes absolutely 100% logical sense to me but it helps.

          (3) Oh come on Duke, that’s not nice or fair. We are not ripping people off. 
           I do understand your grievance – you uninstalled a game without using iCloud and lost stuff. We offered to replace it. I will even overcompensate you if it helps. Though you are not interested, the offer stands.  
          Send your device ID ? What have you got to lose ?

          Not all cards in our game (and equivalent resources in other games) are bought with IAP. They are  In-Game purchases (not IAP) stored on a database on your device – using currency from wins or such.  
          The vast majority of players don’t use money at all.

          (4) I have no control over what players say to you. I know you know this.
          There was no passive-aggressive statement intended from the programmer , he was just surprised. 
          But not as surprised as me to find some who thinks such a statement is in any way aggressive?
          I even included quotation marks to make it clear it was his actual spoken reaction.
           Sorry if you interpreted it that way. Perhaps I should’ve reworded it, but that would feel dishonest to me.

          (5) That is kind of you, but not necessary unless you feel the review didn’t reflect your true feelings.

          (6) Nothing to add here, seriously..it’s a non-point.

          We published the game as a challenge to ourselves to see if we could do it, and to share with others. Already enough people have enjoyed and played so we have already completed our goal. 

          We are normal people with regular jobs. I am teacher who is currently doing gruelling hours in Tokyo.  We are not blood-sucking corporate developer vampires.  

          I hope, Duke, you will contact me privately . But until that I won’t reply to you here, as the written word is famously open to misinterpretation.

          We can even chat on Skype if you want ? Drop me a line via website.

          Steve @ 3G

  22. majmitch

    Steve I think you’ll find ‘mike’ started the mud slinging and trolling, I’ve actually been quite constructive with my views as well as critical. There is absolutely nothing wrong with critical analysis, just because the game is free it doesn’t exonerate it from criticism. The game DOES suffer from log jamming its not every game like I said but too many so that the experience drag. As I previously stated I think 6/10 is pretty fair as its not a god awful game, at this moment in time I think it just falls a bit flat.

  23. SteveAtThreeGoblins

    I totally agree with your point : critical analysis is necessary, can be constructive and is really helpful for us as developers.

    Indeed being free does not excuse us from criticism. But price is a factor of course, but just one of many.

    However, you expressed a disinterest in Magic too, so I guess you are just not into these games, so probably played just a couple of games and hit some dead spots and figured that was it? If so, I can totally see how you came to your conclusions.

    However there really is less “jamming” up than in Magic or other games, Magic can get really jammed up – a single fearsome creature can hold off lines of enemies for ages unless dispensed with using a simple Terror or whatever. In Magic cards also heal up each turn, ours don’t. Death is pretty inevitable…
    I thought long and hard about how to speed up what I saw as issues with other CCGs

    Note: I’ve been a BIG Magic player since shortly after Beta (the real card game), had the whole bag of Arabian Nights, Black Lotuses, Moxes and Timewalks :p

    My other interest and background is computational AI and the like. So if you would like to discuss the specific statistical breakdown of how combat works versus other games please do email me, directly from our website.

    In the meantime thanks everyone for taking the time to discuss/argue/dissect/decimate our game. We are a very small company and having any responses at all to such a new game is great.

    Remember though , this is just the beginning. The current card set is under 30% of those prepared in expansions. And it will improve , we are listening……

    Cheers , Steve @ Three Goblins

  24. majmitch

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your interesting points.  I do play MTG and have done since it came out, the major issue with MTG is Land pulls, if you don’t get enough your buggered if you get too many your buggered. I’m not a big deck builder person so using standard balanced decks is the way I prefer to play, so maybe I’m missing out in MTG, after a while MTG just becomes a bit too luck driven using pre-built decks, but not a bad game.
    I can see the decisions you made make sense, I agree that MTG can become bogged down but I think there is one advantage to the MTG combat that is significant is that I can play out as many creatures as I can without restriction always giving me a chance to overwhelm or run round larger creatures as generally they can only block 1 for 1. So in MTG the ‘lanes’ are dynamic and shifting based on what you block and attack with rather than an artificial constraint of how many creatures you can have down. That’s why I suggested multiple stacks of creatures to enable more freedom of choice as I do think the battleline gets snarled up and if the lane is nerfed (0 attack) lanes can quickly fall into a complete stalemate with turns of discarding. I’ve played about 30 games of Spellcraft and ignoring the aesthetics objection (just a taste thing really) i do see an interesting game in there but just feel its a bit limited at the moment. This may well change as you expand the deck choices and I hope it evolves into a game where the lane idea is a focus for intense interplay than the stifled feeling I get a the moment.
    I totally appreciate the time and effort that goes into these developments and wish you all the best.

    • SteveAtThreeGoblins

      Thanks for your reply Maj.

      Yes, I actually do love the Magic situation when it locks up and players start lining up 30 monsters, getting ready for the enivitable epic kick off!
      But the luck of the bad land draw is also a major downer, yes.
      Spectromancer took a slightly wider approach than us, with more lanes, but although I enjoyed that game, I found it didn’t have a long life, with no deck design.
      Whilst playing I also noted you needed to keep a rough mental note of the progression of destruction of many pairs of opposing creatures.
      Spellcraft was intentionally designed almost as a fire-and-forget approach where if your opponent plays a 3/3 you could use a 3/3 and relax in peace for a bit knowing that lane was safe for now. This leaves players to focus on the remaining few lines to juggle for a weak point. Essentially it was modelled more on a pseudo-military style , where the focus is on breach points, reinforcement and overwhelming force in key areas or fire-lanes.
      I am a keen wargamer too, so that probably explains that!

      Your good wishes are really appreciated. Making a game like this has given us sleepless nights and cost an awful lot of time, so your words help raise morale, when some people on forums just seem to enjoy being contrary for the sake of it, which can be disheartening.

      Steve @ 3G

  25. Mike

    “mike started the mud slinging and trolling”
    think what you may but my initial intent was to illustrate your baseless comments about the game were not only unproductive, but rude (“It’sjust a poor MTG rip off that tries to suck money out of you”).  you now seem to have realized your impertinence (“wish you all the best”) so i believe i accomplished something.
    i also drummed up lots of discourse about this game.  granted, it was rather terse at times but there are now 38 comments which is considerably more than ANY other game on this site.  that alone may pique the interest of  players otherwise not attracted to this type game to give it a try to find out what all the hubbub is about.  hopefully a number of those folks will like it and continue to play.
    as for dick, errrr…i mean duke, well i think he was born that way.
    Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

  26. majmitch

    I stick by my original statement regardless of my best wishes to the Dev.

    You failed to contribute anything other than attitude, insults and inaccurate information.

    Now be off with you troll boy. Your not adding anything apart from making people think that fanboys of this game are nobjockeys.

  27. Mike

    – not a hefty learning curve
    – rather intuitive
    – game plays much quicker than Magic
    – cards that reinforce your minion attacks (items, traps, and auras) is far more engrossing
    – graphics are crisp
    – gameplay unique and challenging
    – devs are easily reachable
    yes, i see what you mean.  those comments do hint at an attitude, they are certainly inaccurate and could easily be taken as insulting.  further, they added nothing to the format and character of this forum and can be labelled as nothing more than nobjocking (whatever that is).
    @ angelus – this is not an attack, it’s a fact!  and my last post.  thanks for listening.

  28. Angelus_Morningstar

    To clarify, stating your opinion about a game, particularly when it is backed up by reasons (whether other people agree with those reasons or not) it not an attack, it is a critique grounded in observation and extremely valid. Calling people a dick, or stating ANYTHING hostile about someone’s character on this site is an attack, and even if someone has attacked you, best thing to do is not to respond to that attack but bring it to the attention of James or myself.

  29. Mike

    “Calling people a dick”
    🙂  apologies, but he is and behaves similarly on other forums.  i started this discussion with a constructive critique of the game.  then mitch and d___ came in throwing out insulting remarks just to be insulting.  i thought it inappropriate and so stated.  the rest, they say, is history.  thanks for understanding and see you again sometime, hopefully under more amicable circumstances!

  30. majmitch

    @James Looking back over the posts it’s quite obvious the troll posting under numerous pseudonyms is quite blatantly baiting. I suggest maybe anonymous posting is turned off or your going to get a lot more troll posts irritating what, I’m sure, will be a growing user base. I really like the site, any chance of making the article links at the front click through to the article using the image as well rather than just the title text? Chz maj

  31. Alexander

    I like this game. I’m 35 level already. But the main problem is that I can’t find people for playing.
    Every evening I try to play with someone without any success.I’ve had only 2 plays with people since the beginning.

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