Rex Verbi

Rex Verbi
Multiplayer:Yes, up to 4 players
AI:Yes, 3 levels
Universal App:No
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Rex verbi
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Rex Verbi

You could almost think of Rex Verbi by developer Octocolobus as a Scrabble simulator. As well as the familiar board layout and rules, it comes with a wealth of customization options which makes it worth a look for fans of the word-playing game.


Rex Verbi plays exactly like it’s “inspiration”. 2-4 players (human or vs the AI) take it in turns to play words on a grid board, ensuring that the last word played connects with at least one previously-laid word.

Points are scored based on the letters used; and also by placing words which run through bonus squares, multiplying the value of the letter or the entire word on which they are placed.

Rex Verbi

So far, so Scrabble. What makes Rex Verbi original is the ability to play on a variety of differently-designed boards, including an editing tool which allows you to create your own. In addition, other game settings such as letter distribution and victory conditions can be tweaked, giving Scrabble veterans the opportunity for a fresh challenge.


Rex Verbi is nicely designed, with clear & modern graphics that engage. Controls are as you would expect: a simple matter of selecting tiles then placing them on the squares of the board you want to lay your word on. There is no music or sound, but then this is hardly a game which needs either.

Rex Verbi

The board editing tool is interesting, allowing you to erase tiles, place bonus squares and create boards which have the effect of altering the strategy of the game. As this is Rex Verbi’s trump card, it is well done and certainly gives the title lasting appeal.

In addition, a variety of other non-English dictionaries can be configured in the settings options, including French, Italian, Dutch and Danish, giving the game international appeal.


Rex Verbi

You’ll already know if Rex Verbi appeals to you. If you feel you’ve exhausted everything Scrabble has to offer, then its ability to create new boards and configure settings will be right up your street.

Score: 7/10

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  1. Angelus_Morningstar

    I think this is interesting, because I probably wouldn’t have given it more than a 5. However, this may be part of the dissonance between my gaming expectations and the casual gamer expectations.

  2. Joel

    I think the game has a unique quality in it’s board like design and nice animations. The other Scrabble apps that I’ve tried either looks nothing like a physical board game (like the official Scrabble) or just looks like crap.
    The board editor might be a novelty, but could prove to give the game a more lasting appeal.  Anyway, I hope online multiplayer will be added in a future update.

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