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To try and continue on this theme of timed updates, I’m going to try and present what news I can on a Monday. Granted it’s probably past Monday by the time you’ve got this so apologies. Also, general apologies for a lack of updates over the last month. It has been an amazingly hectic time for me with my real job, my studies, and the imminent (in a few months) release of my RPG book.

So what follows are some news highlights, some of which is a bit belated:

Nightfall: Martial Law

Playdek have announces that the expansion for Nightfall, Martial Law, will be available in mid-August through iOS. There is still currently a sale on for the original Nightfall at $.99 so now is the perfect time to investigate and try the game out for your taste (and then come back here to vote).

From the developers:

“Nightfall: Martial Law introduces many new characters and actions, as well as new color combinations for creating chains and achieving kickers. Martial Law will also introduce the new “Feed” mechanic which will allow players to get even more uses out of their orders. The game also brings to the table a new “Wound” effect that is sure to surprise opponents.

“Nightfall has done very well and we’re pleased to have an expansion already available,” said Joel Goodman, CEO, Playdek. “By lowering the price of the original game, we are hoping it will inspire new players to download and dive into playing.”

Neuroshima Hex (and Caylus and Army of Frogs)

Firstly, Big Daddy Creations have let us know about a few Caylus updates, which fixes a few bugs and provides better game support. However, I am much more excited about the expansion provided to Neuroshima Hex.

For those of you with Neuroshima Hex, you will hopefully have already discovered to your delight an update introducing some new factions, being Smart and Vegas.

Check out the trailer here:

While you’re at it, go check out PlayDek’s FREE version of Army of Frogs. If you’ve never played it, seriously, get your arse into gear. I nominated it as one of the better underdog games and I think it deserves some of your time and love. Once done, please come back and vote to tell us what you think.

San Juan

This game is almost here. Ravensburger have advised that this game should be out on August the 2nd (that is a few days away from the time you read this).

They have apologised for a few delays in getting this out but it looks like it will be one of a few games that are coming out through August.

So final thoughts, we’ve had a dry July and hopefully a Wet August, flooded with games goodness. Oh and for those of you who supported the Alien Frontier’s Kickstarter, good on you the kickstarter was successful!

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