Monster Chase

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This is basically a memory game for kids. If you’re not a parent looking for something that you can use to distract your ravening brood you probably don’t want to waste any time on this game. If however you are a member of that ravening brood, perhaps a toddler to five years old, then you might find this game positively delightful. You can view all the games for children reviews here.

It is an adaptation of an existing board game of the same name, which has been described as “a cooperative memory game for players 3 to 7 years old. The rules offer different difficulty levels to adapt to player experience and/or maturity” by Board Game Geek


The game has you as a child trying to scare off the hidden monsters in the room. There are a number of hot spots around the room that will reveal a type of toy upon being triggered. Your (child’s) objective is to correctly remember the location of about ten different toys and summon them at the right time to banish the right type of monster. Where the complication comes in is that you have an allowance of a few incorrect guesses before another monster is summoned. If you have allowed four monsters to manifest you lose the game. Select the right toy and you banish the monster to the closet. A handy whiteboard with magnets allows you to keep track of the number of monsters you have dealt with.


This rather inoffensive little game has horror down to a kid-friendly level. Meaning it’s spooky rather than actually scary. The music pitches just the right atmosphere, and the monsters are more cartoonish than anything else. There is also potentially a subtle undercurrent of empowering children to deal with their own demons and on their own terms, but that’s because I probably over interpret these things too much.

I kind of like seeing games made with children in mind, even as I stare with unfathomable horror at the notion of having one myself. Nevertheless apps such as this allow you to discharge your duty to ensure that your children are inducted into the realm that is gaming. I like the fact that the game is modular to accomodate different age groups, so I can see this being something you use to help entertain your children a large number of times before it loses its replay value.


5/10: Clearly not for everyone, but if you wish to approach this same genre with much more of an adult approach, I would definitely recommend you to two pen and paper RPGS – the first being Little Fears and the other being Puppetland.

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