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In the last few months there have been some updates worth reporting on. Normally I’m not inclined to report on these unless they add something significant to the gameplay.

Hero Academy v1.2.2

Updated: Early April 2012

Hero Academy is a game I have had an opportunity to play, primarily with Brad Cummings of BGG as my opponent (we chat a lot about upcoming games and sometimes compare notes about games we review). He’s also one of my principal opponents for online multiplayer (where we sometimes test out aspects of the game). That aside, I have yet to review this game properly because it only has an option for asynchronous multiplayer, with no AI opponents. Gabe has advised that eventually there will be one in an upcoming release. For now, this update included a new purchase-able team known as the Tribe!, additional fields of play and playfield features (such as Barbed Crystals and Magic Resist squares).

I will be reviewing this game properly once it has an AI opponent.

Elder Sign: Omens v1.2

Updated: Early April 2012

About a month ago, Elder Sign: Omens gave an update with some new content. These updates includes a new campaign featuring Yig, Cthulu itself as a purchase-able Ancient One (a very-hard option), other investigators that are unlockable; as well as new adventures and gameplay options.

Cabals v1.09

Updated: 27 April 2012

This update introduced a number of new cards, which includes the Changeling Trick (Danann), the Faberge Egg (Bearclaw), Escalating Inflation (Vril), and the Disciple of the Third Eye (Zahir).

It also included a bunch of minor fixes, relating to active effect indicators, an error with the Obsessed Monk, multitouch issues, and consistent capitalisation on the cards.

Ascension v1.2

Updated: 11 May 2012

This update includes the long awaited Storm of Souls expansion as an in-game purchase along with an in-app purchase for a promo pack with several new high value cards. My favourite is the Rat King, which covers all the visible cards in the middle with rat tokens that must be defeated before you can get to the card underneath.

There is also a number of small tweaks that makes the game better, and by far I think the option to adjust the honour pool is one of the best. This lets you decide how long a game you wish to play. Additionally is the option to restore in-app purchases through the app itself, which can be invaluable.

Imperial v1.3

Updated: 13 May 2012

One of the more interesting examples of an indy attempt to produce a game. While people have been put off from the entry cost, it is still a solid entry. The developers are promising the release of online multiplayer eventually, but this update includes a few little tweaks, including the ability to fund countries from your treasury directly. For me, I was most excited by the inclusion of a title page.

Forbidden Island v1.1

Updated: 14 May 2012

This update introduces a new feature, which is alternative configurations of the island tiles to produce unique island shapes. The update allows you to have the Treasure Island configuration for free (the configuration is like a large X), but then lets you buy ten more different island shapes. It is immediately apparent from these configurations that they will challenge even the more experienced players as they must be extremely clever about getting about the island.

It also features a bunch of improvements, which includes better Facebook and Twitter integration, saved games show the difficulty setting and Island shape in the Resume screen, a correction to the Explorer’s movement options when using the Navigator’s ability: he can now move diagonally, improved launch time when starting a game, corrected some grammar errors in the Tutorial, and cleaned up memory leaks.

And in Other News…

The developers of Shadow Era, Wulven Game Studios, have announced that they will be turning their wooden puppet into a real boy! They’re offering people to get in on a kickstarter-like project, which is already well past the target goal!


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