Funder Fridays: Indie Innovations!


In today’s Funder Friday, we’ll look at a few core offers for kickstarter.

One of them comes directly to us from Ronen Gafni, the founder of FreshBiz.


FreshBiz is a board games that was described by the developer as “Monopoly on steroids”, and promises to make you try out entrepreneurial thinking.

FreshBiz are seeking to digitise their physical version of the game, which has been out for the last 2 years (as a board version). As it currently stands, the kickstarter campaign is halfway to its goal. There is still plenty of time to get in on this.

I can also see this game really dividing the audience. Its video makes bold claims that it will entirely transform the way you think. It’s promise is that it will effectively change you into a powerful entrepreneur in real life as well as in the game.

I’m a big believer in the transference of skills from gaming to real life, so I don’t find that claim that incredulous, I guess I maintain skepticism since the video just had a lot of people making anecdotal statements rather than telling me anything substantial about the game. I can also see this game significant dividing people based on how you approach ideologies of private vs social ownership, business v community etc, etc. I’d say ‘your milage may vary’ but it’s really implied.

Feel free, to check out their web site and their kickstarter.

Dragon’s Gameboard

Though this game is not directly a board game, it clearly is within the same region. Its intention is to create:

“an open source replacement for grid maps in tabletop RPG combat. You use any device with a browser (TV, computer screen, etc.) to display a grid and players use their iOS or Android devices to control it. We want to make playing tabletop games as easy as carrying around a phone in your pocket.”


Sidius Nova: Deep Space Strategy

Sidius Nova is a combination of turn-based and real-time space strategy and promises an “evolution of strategy on your mobile device”. One of the ways it offers a promise of innovation is the idea of a persistent online game world, “a galaxy with hundreds of star systems, each with numerous planets” (perhaps think Spore).


Indie Bundle

Note, this is NOT a board game, but iOS games that might interest you.

If you like indie gaming, this one will be of interest for you. It is a collaborative venture from nine different developers, each of whom are trying to raise the funds to get their games off the ground. They include a broad range of platforms including: “PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the PS Vita”

There are 12 days left, and there is still a long way to go, so if this is something you would love to see made, throw some money at it:



Note, this is NOT a board game, but a possible iOS games that might interest you.

Another indie artwork, this kickstarter has a small goal, but one that expires in less then two days. It’s a puzzle platformer using abstract themes, and if it’s successful they would intend to bring it over to iOS.


Others Perhaps Worth a Glance

I’ll bring your final attention to two interesting but not quite on topic ideas:

  • A proposed idea for virtual reality head sets [Editor: Note, the Oculus Rift team are emphasising that this device is currently seeking developers only – do not purchase if you are a consumer]
  • A proposal for a Goddamn Tesla Museum from the Oatmeal webcomic writer, Matthew Inman.
That’s it this week. If you have any projects you’d like to draw our attention too, please leave a comment or use the contact form on the site.


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