Hurry Up!

Hurry Up!
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If you’ve got a group of friends round and nothing else to hand but the iPad, then you could do a lot worse than reach for Hurry Up! from Be Entertained Productions.

Hurry Up!


A simple game, Hurry Up! sees 2-8 players (or teams of players) sit around the iPad, watching as an arrow spins around the center of the screen. When the arrow stops, a question is displayed in a large circle, and the player the arrow is pointing to has to answer it within a time limit.

Questions take the form of ‘name something starting with the letter …’ and can range from the simple (e.g. ‘name a movie starting with the letter S’) to the head-scratching (‘name a foreign girl’s name starting with O’).

Hurry Up!

If the player answers correctly (as judged by the other players), they hit the circle and the arrow spins once again, stopping randomly at another player. If they fail to answer within the time limit, a point is deducted from their score. Each player starts with 5 points: when they reach zero, that player is out of the game.


There’s not much complexity going on here, but the game is implemented well, with attractive large graphics and typography used to make sure everyone sees at a glance what’s going on. Sound effects are limited to the tick-tock of the timer and the egg timer style alarm which goes off when the time limit is reached.

Hurry Up!

The game can be made harder or easier by selecting from three time limits; and the rules come with some guidance on how to resolve potential disputes (e.g. answers for names can either be forenames or surnames).

Hurry Up! currently comes in three flavors: the Master edition, with general knowledge questions; a Football (soccer) version; and a Kids edition with an easier question set. Each title is available separately, rather than as in-app purchases.

Hurry Up!


At its core, Hurry Up! is extremely simple, but nevertheless achieves what it sets out to: provide a fun and fast-paced competitive party game using the iPad as a virtual spinning bottle.

Score: 6/10

[Editors Note: this game was previously reviewed, but we felt that the graphical changes and new features warranted another look]

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