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Another round of Friday updates just for you.

Game Releases


This new game bills itself as: “A simple but deep tile game, representing two religious factions locked in a holy war waged across centuries. A favourite amongst cloistered monks everywhere, from the lowliest novice to the grandest abbot!”

Nightfall: Martial Law

By the time of publication, you will be able to access Nightfall: Martial Law for iOS. It is an expansion of the original, available as an in-app purchase for USD$1.99.

Martial Law is a port of the first expansion made for the physical version, and will include all new characters, actions, and possible chain combinations. In addition, Playdek will be reducing the price of Nightfall to the sale price of $0.99 for one week.

Magic: the Gathering Expansion

Magic 2013 introduces a variety of in-app purchases, which includes:

• Five new two-color playable decks (deck color combinations correspond with the guilds from the Return to Ravnica Magic set)
• Five new puzzling challenges
• Ten new single-player campaign levels
• Five Foil Conversion and five Deck Key add-ons for Expansion decks

Project Mayhem

A new indie platformer that might be worth your interest is Project Mayhem.

News and Updates

aMAZEing Labyrinth reduced

Ravensburger digital have advised me to let you know that this produce is available for a reduced price, for a limited time: available at $1.99/£1.49, instead of $3.99/£2.49. My sources (aka Ravensburger) are hinting that it might only last for a single week.

San Juan Updates

San Juan has introduced a few basic updates, including new features and various bugfixes; now you can adjust the animation speed, remember the setup of previous game session as default, single tap for displays instead of double tap, game Center avatar used for players’ images.



We have received word that a new developer by the name of Nomad Games Ltd have been licensed by Games Workshop to produce and instate the seminal board game of Talisman, on PC, Smartphones, and Tablets!

The publishing schedule seems to be placing the PC release first, and follows a series of games in the Talismanverse that will be developed. The first of these is billed as Talisman Prologue, which promises to revitalise the game for new audiences.

Stone Age

Campfire Creations has just released an official screenshot for Stone Age on iOS, they are promising that it will come out late this year.


A new Australian Indie group, League of Geeks has released a trailer for their upcoming game Armello. From the trailer and their website, it appears to have very lovely cell-shaded animations. However, despite some promises of integration of board game and card game elements, we remain a bit sceptical as there is little observable evidence of that claim.


If you’re wondering why there is not a lot of news on funders for iOS board games, it’s because there aren’t many of them that I stumble across. So instead I offer you funders that are either directly board game related (more detail), or tangentially gamer related (less detail).

The New Science
Note: Physical Board Game

This particular game got my attention at the words “Newton, Galileo and other great minds from the Scientific Revolution race toward discoveries in this unique worker placement game.”

While the artwork isn’t as polished as some out there, it has a wonderful stylistic quality to it that I think enhances the game’s theme.

Sword of Fargoal

This is an attempt to bring a retro dungeon crawler game back for Mac/PC/Linux/iOS with new artwork and content.

Help Daniel

A community health funder for a talented D&D artist, I have arranged an interview that I will release over the weekend.

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