Friday Update: Free Ticket to Ride Pocket


Welcome wandering gamers, to another update. Here you will find all manner of delightful entries, set to amuse, beguile, and inform you. Let’s get stuck into it.

Game News

Heading straight off the ticket-tape is an announcement that for just a very short time, Ticket to Ride Pocket – Days Of Wonder, Inc. is for FREE! To quote them:

“To celebrate the Apple’s new iPhone 5 announcement, we’re setting Ticket to Ride Pocket FREE for the next 5 4 days.”

Check out the news post in full here.

Game Releases

Demons vs. Wizards

Released this week is a game based on the following principle: “Demons vs. Wizards is a 5-10 minute turn-based card and dice game. It is so simple that even a small kid can play it without reading a complicated manual. You can either challenge your friends, or beat the computer controlled opponent to test your luck for today. Two players can play on the same screen, so it truly feels like a real tabletop card game.”

Demons vs. Wizards – Magic Card & Dice Game – Wisercat Software OU

Guardian Cross

This game is selling itself as a card-based battle RPG, where you “[c]apture and train over 180 different Guardians as you attempt to create the most powerful party possible. Undertake thrilling quests to unlock the secret of why the divine beasts of antiquity have woken after a millennium of slumber, and battle other players from around the world in an online coliseum!”

Guardian Cross – SQUARE ENIX


Strikes Toy Soldiers

This is a game that revolves somewhere around the iOS board game vicinity. It is a toy soldier game, which is also intended for the iOS platforms. It is the work of a Moldavian developer by the name of Dmitry Ghervas.

City of Iron
Note: this is a physical board game

City of Iron looks like an amazing game, which is two thirds of the way towards its target!
“City of Iron is a board game in which 2-4 players compete to build up the most powerful nation in a world of magic and machines. The game takes around 90 minutes to play. In the game, players draft building cards, compete to have the most of ten rare goods, customize and build two decks of cards, and use military cards to attack neutral towns. Will you win with a strong military, a powerful economy, advanced technology, or by rapid expansion?”

It has a pretty good preview too:

Heroes of Metro City
Note: this is a physical card game

As of writing this Heroes of Metro City has hit its target funding. There is only a day or two left for you to get in on the ground floor with this action!


Miscellaneous Funders
Note: the following are a few non-gaming funder links that I have funded; read or ignore them at your leisure

Pirate Wars in Valendor

Help my Mother Walk Again

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