Cadwallon: City of Thieves

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Cadwallon: City of Thieves
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Last week, we saw the release of this game, and for the most part, I consider it unplayable. The game has made the significant mistake of releasing a product that has no artificial intelligence and no online multiplayer. For me, I automatically lost interest when there was no opportunity to play an artificial opponent, as this is my preferred method of engaging a game; I expect a larger amount to simply turn away from the game.


Principally, two to four players control a specific gang of thiefs, who use larcenous skills, skulduggery, magic, and intrigue to loot the many treasures from that sector. This is a game that presumes heated infighting, backstabbing, and theft from each rival games. Thus, the game sets itself up as a furious competition for the resources of the city, acquire masses of loot, and prevent their theft by the other gangs.

The video above should give you a good overview of the gameplay.


For the sake of disclosure, the full extent with regards to the depth of play for this game ended when I discovered that I would be playing both sides of this game. As noted above, this game has no online multiplayer and no artificial intelligence. This means that functionally, this game is limited to those people that are already familiar with the game; it serves as a proxy for the physical board game. What has been observed from other games where this has happened, such as Cyclades, is that this often fails.

Complex games must offer an incentive for new players to engage with a game they are not familiar with, particularly as many people who acquire iOS versions of board games do so as a means of testing the waters of a game. It is incumbent upon game developers to remove as many barriers to engaging with a game as possible, and that means features like AI that are key to helping players orient themselves with game.

This is only made worse by the lack of tutorial, which I have already expressed as crucial for games of significant complexity. That is to say, the general flow of the game is easy enough, broken down into three or so basic steps; however, there is a significantly large variability within those steps that new players could get lost within.

That being said, what little I experienced of the game wants me to see it brought to completion. I see a game of interesting gameplay, the development of really lovely graphics, and a sound set that is immersive.


Ultimately, as far as my recommendation goes, do not waste your time and money until such time as this game addresses these gameplay issues.

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