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The number of board games converted for the iPad is growing at an astonishing rate – just last year there were but a few famous Euro-games available – but even more exciting news is that there’s so much more to come! Here’s an update on some of the games we’ve been promised over the last few months. Let us know in the comments if you know of any others you’re looking forward to that we haven’t mentioned!

7 Wonders

7 Wonders is a highly accoladed game, which Asmodee are bringing to the iPad. A card development game similar to Dominion, it uses an explicit drafting strategy for gaining cards. Uniquely to this game is that drafted cards are played immediately instead of in a later phase of the game.

Reports have that this game is already in development, and could possibly see a release in the next few months.

Ascension: Return of the Fallen

The first expansion for Ascension is already out on the shelves. We know right now that this new expansion is currently in beta and looking for iOS release in September to November some time. It will be available as an in-app purchase.


One game I have heard nothing about is the upcoming Cabals. It is billing itself as an online Trading Card Game, that will be available for iOS. It seems to be a freemium game where you can play for free but spend money for packs or expansions (making it closer to a Limited Collectible Card Game).

However, this month the game entered into a public beta right here. So you can play the game right now. It will be released Summer 2011 (which for us Southern hemisphere people is of course December).

Carcassone Expansions

Carcasonne App Developer’s Blog

The last major update for Carcassone was all about backend support for game centre and turning it into a universal device game. However they did reveal that they are now working on the expansions of Carcassonne (likely as in-app purchases). The two mentioned include the Rivers Scenario (where the game start is framed by the laying down of river tiles) and the Inns and Cathedrals expansion (which introduces mechanisms for double-or-nothing on roads and cities).

Considering the fine development these people have already put into this game, I’m sure we can expect good things.

Kingsburg HD

Kingsburg Webpage

Ever since the last update of Kingsburg on the 3rd of March 2011, we’ve been promised three things that are of interested: The official board game expansions port, new unpublished expansions and game variants, and an  iPad version.

Their development seems to take some time, so I’ve launched their company a number of questions about these developments (and about any intentions to port Letters from Whitechapel).

Le Harve & Tigris and Euphrates

Perhaps one of the most exciting (and importantly imminent) releases to look forward to is Codito’s port of Tigris and Euphrates (Codito are behind Medici, Ra, Tikal, and Puerto Rico).

I own this game, and while there is some randomness in tile selection it’s pretty much pure strategy. The strategy is not overly complex, but combines in ways that will require you to think carefully.

Le Harve is not a game that I have played personally, but it is described as a game similar in depth and style to Agricola, which I cannot recommend enough.

Codito reports that they are working with the original source art for both of these games. Particularly exciting they state that Tigris and Euphrates is close to final testing and there could be a realistic release around mid-September. However to date Codito have been consistently a few months behind schedule, so let’s see if they can stick to this release date.

Nightfall & Thunderstone

This week, Alderac Entertainment Group announced that they are developing a version for social and mobile platforms. Undoubtedly this will include an iOS variant.

For those who are unfamiliar with Thunderstone, it’s a Collectible Card Game along the lines of Dominion and other drafting games. I have played it enough times and I can say that it is different enough from the major domo of such CCGs (Dominion) and currently available CCGs (Ascension) that it will be worth your look.

Also of interest, we have reports that AEG are already in development for another of their games known as Nightfall. A game where daylight has disappeared for an entire week and creatures of the night roam the land. It is another deck-building game whose principle work is in a chaining mechanic.

Puerto Rico Expansions

Even though this game is only recently released, I decided to make a follow up enquiry with the developers about the potential implementation of its hard to find and rare expansions. To quote Chris Ewington, President of Codito “As for Puerto Rico, we are very glad you (and many others! 🙂 are happy with our implementation and we will continue to work to improve it and add new features. We also hope that the expansions will be available in the future, but we are still working out some of those details with Ravensburger. (It’s highly likely that they will be available eventually, but we aren’t sure about when that will happen yet.)”

Settlers of Catan Expansion

Earlier this month, the Catan homepage released its official computer version of it’s most popular and comprehensive expansion, Cities and Knights. I followed up with USM via their twitter and they state that “there are plans for this expansion, but probably the online multiplayer will come first“.

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  1. Joel Aarons

    Brilliant! The only thing I am waiting for is Agricola. I can’t wait! I’ll have to make do with Le Harve, which is good, but not as good. Any word on whether anything is happening with Agricola? It’s gotta be one of the most popular euro-games ever!

  2. Angelus Morningstar

    I imagine they’re test the market and the technology with Le Harve, and then the owners of Agricola will make a decision whether to let someone make their precious game into a port.

  3. Ooami

    1. Agricola is coming – see IOS Board Games “Playdek would be working with Lookout Games, maker of great gamers games. Their first app will be none other than the farming darling of 2008, Agricola!”
    2. Good luck in communicating with the mob who developed Kingsburg. I’ve never had any reply from them.

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