• James Bruce

    My wife doesn’t take to many boardgames, but this one she absolutely loves, to the point that she is pushing my name slowly off the high score list completely. I can’t wait for local multiplayer, though I can see how passing the iPad around just to pick up two cards may get a little tedious. Perhaps someone could event a spinning iPad case precisely for this purpose???

  • http://www.vitaltitles.com/ Nick Papageorge

    I wasn’t expecting much with TtR, I really wasn’t. But I took the chance and snapped it up and boy, was it one heck of a ride. I grabbed all 3 expansions almost immediately and without a doubt, this is the best $10 I’ve spent on my iPad, next to Carcassonne of course.

    I never expected a device like the iPad to herald such an amazing way to cart around board games like this. Heck, because I had a small family the most we played with board games was Monopoly or Uno, but rarely even that.

    The iPad has changed all that. I have immediate access to playing a game of Carcassonne with my kids on the go. They now love Ticket to Ride, what’s next? You can only go up from here.

    I have to go… There’s another game of Ticket to Ride waiting for me!


  • Maryn

    A very good game. Waiting for pass n play. The online multiplayer works well, bar having it freeze a few times and costing me karma. bought all expansions, agree on the benefits for my children’s geography. A top 5 game for sure.

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  • akk

    There is already Pass’n’play support in this game so I think it can be updated! :)

  • James Bruce

    Thanks Akk, I’ve updated the text

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  • http://www.daysofwonder.com Eric Hautemont

    Version 1.3, now available, also adds Local Play over a local wifi or Bluetooth network. This version is compatible with the newly launched Ticket to Ride Pocket (for iPhone/iTouch).

    • skabning

      Can you elaborate on how it is compatible with the Pocket Version? I haven’t been able to set up a game between iPad and iPhone, sadly. All of my friends play it on their iPhones, so it’s not much fun being the only one with the iPad version :)
      Basically, every developer should use Carcassone as the de facto template for device integration. It’s wonderful being able to start a game on the iPad, and then finish it on the bus (where I wouldn’t be caught dead waving an iPad around)

      • James Bruce

        Turn off wifi and use bluetooth connection for a local game between pocket and main version, that works for me. (maybe bluetooth isnt enabled on your ipad?)

        • skabning

          local game? I’d rather share the iPad then. Such a shame! Should just be a universal app…

  • Katelyn

    Has anyone been able to get the 15 tickets completed achievement? What’s the trick?

    • Angelus Morningstar

      The best I’ve been able to do is 8 tickets. I believe a 15 ticket win requires insanity and luck.

      • jack

        thats same with me – i got eight

        • skabning

          oddly enough i got 9 – playing the tutorial with no idea what I was doing. I guess I was lucky enough to draw tickets that already were on the route I lad laid down.

  • http://www.daysofwonder.com Eric Hautemont

    You can get 15 tickets completed (and 12 quite a bit more easily). One of the key to doing so is selecting the AI you play against carefully, and studying how it plays, then stymying it long enough to have the time to draw all the tickets you’ll need (and the time to complete them of course).

    Not easy, but it can definitively be done.

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  • Mutajon

    This implementation is nothing less than amazing!
    Too bad the AI is a bit week…

  • Mutajon

    week = weak (slaps forehead!)

  • Nepenthe82

    Ticket to ride pocket is free right now. No idea how long.

  • leo

    AI is ridiculous, i always win the games

    • Sock Puppet of the Great Satan

      Try against Vanderbot. I think different AI’s have different skill levels and personalities; it’s more than just the avatar. Vanderbot goes for the long routes and gets rid of his carriages quickly to shut the game down.

      I’ve played maybe 15 solo games, and have won about four, but am usually second to Vanderbot.

  • Agman

    Good game , have played it servral hunderd time , ( i travel alot so yes i a life !!!) The only problem with the USA board, ther is only clear route that will cover about 70 % of all the cards in the deck, so once you fiigure out this route ( which i am not going to say here, so not to ruin it for anyone) you will win all the time. I have scored as high as 251 twice using this route. Very fun game for peope who arent into heavy games. Excellent game for kids, the board game is a great party game, it is our most requested board game when freinds come over ( hey, lets play that train game ! )Thats saying alot considering we have over 200 board games
    to pick from.

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  • majmitch

    Without asynchronous ill stick to the pocket version x2. Still plays great on iPad.

  • Rubeus

    Very good game. It´s a delight to play it on iPad. I would recommend to play it against another human player in multiplayer mode (yes, I´m afraid the AI isn´t good…).

  • richardmtl

    I bought all the avilable expansions, but I see that there are several more available for the real board game; I wish they would port them to the iPad version already!