Ticket to Ride Update


Ticket to Ride has finally released their promised built in pass’n’play option. No doubt those of you who are already playing this game have learned of this fantastic update. The game scored well even without it, so if you haven’t read the review of Ticket To Ride yet then do.

For those of you who have been holding off on this purchase because of the lack of this feature, now is your opportunity! I know I have already put this to good use!

Buy Ticket to Ride for iPad now [iTunes Store Link].

Additional features and bugs fixed in this update:

  • You can now mute voices. Go to the Settings controls in the Mechanic’s room to do so.
  • You may skip various animations by tapping the screen, such as the start-up animation when launching the game or the Ticket completion animation.
  • You may also skip the end-of-game animation by using the fast-forward skip button on the side.
  • Better support for colorblind players: in zoomed-in mode, the map now shows the card icons on the tracks. To play in zoomed-in mode, double-tap on the map.
  • Buttons in Central Station now have names for easier navigation.
  • You can now set the number of players when creating an online game from the Restaurant.
  • When you choose Tickets, cities of the currently selected Tickets are highlighted in blue for easier planning before confirming your choices.
  • Just-in-time log in: to avoid problems for players with poor Wi-fi connections, Ticket to Ride now logs on to the Days of Wonder server only at the last moment, and only when necessary. We also added an automatic quick recovery in case of connection loss, so that you can jump back into your online game right away. Network connection errors are also better handled.
  • Several crashing bugs have been fixed (e.g. trying to claim a city that was already claimed on the European map).
  • Various user interface usability improvements.
  • Various fixes to enforce some games rules in Solo mode (e.g. number of Tickets proposed in USA 1910 Mega and Big Cities games).

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