Kard Combat

Multiplayer:Yes, online play only
AI:Yes, increasing levels of challenge
Universal App:Yes (there is a single app which works on both iPhone and iPad in HD)
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Kard Combat, 7.1 out of 10 based on 15 ratings

Kard Combat is going to stand in the shadow of other greater CCGs (collectable card games), including Ascension. Both being released roughly at the same time it will be hard to avoid making comparisons.


You are a wizard; you have magic monsters; and you are duelling another wizard in an attempt to reduce their life to zero. It is a cliché of CCGs but the developers are clearly not shy of avoiding tropes.

What is different about this game is the absence of cards that would be the equivalent of mana/money generators that are central to other CCGs. Instead there are four types of cards common to each wizard, and a fifth column that represents a specialty type of magic (being domination, death, holy or machine). Each turn, you generate a mana for each type of card. Of your fifth columns, you will have all your cards available to you right from the start, all you have to do is wait for enough mana.

Cards put into play are arrayed in rows set against each other. The object is to put damage dealing monsters in slots to try and attack the opponent directly. Monsters will automatically attack creatures directly opposite them, and others have special abilities to select their target according to rules.

There are also one-shot spells that do various things, but mostly deal damage or steal mana. There are also a number of arena effect cards that mix up the gameplay a bit, which helps stay some of the repetitive nature of the game.


This is not the most entertaining CCG that I have played. It comes across as something that was developed to capitalise on the popularity of CCG without making any effort to develop interesting ideas for it. That’s the whole problem with this game, it just comes off like some no-name generic version of other games where there is some sense of thought or creativity. I just don’t get that from Kard Combat.

I think the best way to summarise my derision for this game can be seen in the name. You just know from looking at it that they wanted to use a K for Kombat, but at least someone had the sense to disapprove them of that alliteration. They even call their cards ‘kards’ just for that heightened experience of puerile ostentation.

Having ripped the presentation apart, what I will say for the game is that there is an adventure style mode, whereby you have to defeat a string of increasingly difficult wizards, each of them tempered by some variable environmental conditions. In theory, you can complete this game by acquiring all the specialty power cards of the game as prizes in defeating each tower as a different wizard. However, the first time around it’s fun, but after that it’s basically the same adventure in a different skin.

Of course, you can just avoid all that and pay for the privilege of owning all those cards as an in-game purchase, but seriously I can’t see any reason why. Why pay for the privilege of tedium…


5/10: The game shows some promise, but fails to deliver. At best you can have some fun with the various towers’ adventures. I wouldn’t bet on multiplayer as that assumes you can find multiple people willing to subject to tedium.

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