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Kahmaté, 7.7 out of 10 based on 20 ratings


Based on a popular real-world French boardgame, Kahmaté aims to recreate all the mud, sweat and tears of rugby in this enjoyable iPad conversion (no pun intended…)


Played on an 11×8 square grid representing a rugby pitch, two opponents control teams of six players as they try to grab possession of the ball and be the first to carry it over the opposing team’s line for a try.


Players take it in turns to move two of their team members, in what becomes a game of tactical movement and deciding on what action to take. Each team member counter has a set of abilities, dictating how many squares it can move; and also an attack and defense score. These are used to determine the results of the frequent tackles, hand-offs and attempts to intercept the ball, with the numbers being added or subtracted to a ‘fitness’ card which each player chooses in secret.

The fitness numbers range from one to six, and once they’re used they are discarded (until all six have been played, when the full hand is replenished again). This makes for a large part of the tactical element of Kahmaté: do you risk playing your high-value fitness cards in an attempt to push for a quick victory – or do you hold them in reserve to try and defend an opponent’s attack? And as team members who lose a tackle miss the next turn; and possession of the ball can change so quickly, this is not a decision to be made lightly.



Kahmaté has an appealing cartoon style, with the little team members resembling something from a Hanna-Barbara cartoon as they zip and lumber around the pitch, complete with whirling dust clouds and sound effects whenever they tackle each other. The animations are fun and an enjoyable addition to the game without diverting away from the core task at hand.


The game can be played against the AI ‘Trainer’ or against another human, using pass and play (and only requiring some shielding of the screen when fitness cards are chosen). Before a game, a player also has the option to have his team members automatically or randomly laid out; or can manually position them to attempt to gain an advantage.

Once the initial options have been selected, Kahmaté is a short blast of quick, rugby-themed boardgame fun. Games are generally over in less than ten minutes (as the first person to score a try is declared winner); and the pace is fast with a good balance of tactics and luck involved.



Fans of rugby or of the original boardgame will cause a scrum to get their hands on Kahmaté. Other gamers are still likely to be attracted by its whimsical charm and smart, quick gameplay – even if they don’t know one end of a rugby ball from another…

Score: 7/10

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