iOS Board Games State of the Industry Report Q3 2011


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Editorial notes from this Author. One of the things that interested me the most about this report is that it confirmed some of the assumptions around the importance of AI, multiplayer, and tutorials. I also think it shows some very important data around pricing. This report is probably not for the casual gamer, and if you’re not into maths and analysis I recommend skipping to the summaries.

Hello Readers, Developers, and Board Game Publishers,

In order to provide a clearer picture of the board game app industry and its trends, we conducted a survey of board game app developers for Quarter 3, 2011. The results of this survey can be found in the iOS Board Games State of the Industry Report. It takes a look at the trends and state of the industry. This report is 17 pages in length and paints a good picture of the board game app industry. It contains charts and figures that show a breakdown of the metrics for the industry. Thank you to all developers who responded to our survey, which made this report possible.

You can read the report below or view a PDF here:

In addition, we have created the iOS Board Games Best Practices Report aimed at developers, board game publishers, and industry professionals. The iOS Board Games Best Practices Report contains nearly 40 pages of additional content, featuring breakdowns, charts, and analyses of the best practices and choices when developing iOS board game apps. This document will be a key in understanding and implementing correct decisions in iOS board game apps.

This initial Best Practices report can be purchased by going here:

We are excited to have finally completed this massive undertaking and we hope that developers and users will find this information interesting and useful. Also if you are a developer and interested in us taking a closer look at your app in particular and how it compares to the market in general, as well as provide advice for improvement, feel free to contact us at

Thank you all and I hope you enjoy the report,

Bradley Cummings
iOS Board Games

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