• Maryn

    Agree with all you’ve said. Would like to buy the real game, but it doesn’t appeal on the ipad. As a single player game it soon lost my interest. As a pass n play you’d need at the very least 5 players.

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  • kuekwee

    Very nice game. Very unique game mechanism. High replay value. I would give 9.9/10. -0.1 because card game you can watch facial expression.

  • blackfire1929

    I bought this game a while ago and it didn’t appeal to me first. Yesterday I just tried out the game again and found it interesting and fun to play… It has online multiplayer now, altough I havn’t tried it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/MooseMichaels Moose Michaels

    The online component is great. I like how you can only send emoticons to identify your role or the the role you want others to “think” you are, ha ha!! I’m hoping for future character and card expansion soon. I sent an e-mail to the devs but no response yet.

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