Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

Multiplayer:Yes, pass'n'play and online
AI:Yes, three levels of difficulty
Universal App:Yes (there is a single app which works on both iPhone and iPad in HD)
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Ascension: Deckbuilding Game
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Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, 7.6 out of 10 based on 339 ratings

Ascension is a solid game that is definitely worth your interest and your attention. Though not without its shortcomings, it could very easily expand into something larger.


Ascension is a game that owes its heritage to other big CCG (Collectable Card Games) like Magic: the Gathering, but is also clearly showing influence from the game Dominion. It’s feel is much more like Magic, in that there are sets of cards that relate to themes. For example, void cards pertain to high destruction, and deck thinning. However, it’s mechanics are more like Dominion, centreing around card drafting.

In the centre row of the game there will be a number of cards that are either monsters that must be destroyed or heroes/constructs that must be aquired. Monsters are destroyed by building up power in a single round, while heroes/constructs must be acquired with mana. Various cards will generate these in a given round. Acquisitions go to the discard pile that will be in your deck once your current deck is exhausted and the discard reshuffled to be the new deck.

Killing monsters will get you points that deplete a central pool of points. When these run out the game ends. Also, various heroes/constructs have point values that are added at the end of the game. There are two strategic approaches to these points, one to max out power and empty the pool quickly, the other to max out mana and build up your collection of heroes/constructs.


The reason I say this game has potential rather than something that feels complete is because it is a bit limited in scope. There is a short list of cards that get recycled in every game, so the replay value starts to diminish very quickly after a couple of plays. It reminds me of a basic introductory game of Magic: the Gathering I played a while ago. There was only a few basic cards and so the strategy was lost in the limited range of cards available in play. However, this is something that is easily remedied by updates that introduce more packs. I suspect this was part of the plan from the beginning as in-game purchases. This suspicion was confirmed by checking out the main website of the game, and they have announced the hard copy release of their expansion, which will eventually be converted to an iOS version.

The other part of the game that is somewhat limited is the lack of interaction. Like Dominion, the game centres around your own acquisitions and deck building. It was always a feature of Dominion that let it down and which they tried to remedy later.

Nevertheless, the game shows much promise through the artwork and design, which shows a lot of work and talent. There is also a hint of ingenuity as they’ve taken existing mechanics from elsewhere and adapted it into soemthing recognisable but certainly unique.

What is most appreciated about this game is the tutorial mode that guides players from all levels into the game. It’s a step-by-step process that familiarises you with all the necessary parts of the game, and it works well.


7/10: The game is a bit pricey for its limited scope and its replay value is somewhat truncated. Yet, despite all these limitations I still recommend it strongly.

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  1. Kevin Lim

    Ascension is a deck building game ala Dominion or Thunderstone (I have played Dominion and Thunderstone and find Ascension to be more fun).

    The iPad implementation is 100% top notch quality. The UI is incredibly intuitive and everything works exactly as you would expect it to.

    The tutorial was also well implemented and taught me everything I needed to know (never played before trying the iPad version).

    The replay value is really high, especially if you can get some friends to play with.

    The only downside is that the multiplayer game set up can be a bit confusing (create game, check game list, start game).

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  3. maryn

    oh for an ios ‘magic: the gathering.
    this, whilst prettily dressed, hardly sated me.
    bought, played, deleted. lasted less than a week.
    a very shallow game.
    the wait continues…

  4. VyC

    Gameplay – 8/10, app – 9/10, card design 3/10, overall – 5/10. I don’t expect they’ll redo the entire artwork, so sadly this is a lost game for me. When you’re not feeling involved – that’s one thing, but when you’re stumbling on the artwork constantly (OMG, how ugly this new card is!) – it’s already a major problem.

  5. Christos

    In my humble opinion a great and really easy to pick up and play game! I find the artwork very good and the UI is the best I have seen in such games.

    But that’s my opinion guys.

  6. DNAmers

    While the artwork isn’t exactly my cup of tea, it’s consistent and flavourful and definitely brings a unique feel to the game. But it hardly takes anything away from the gameplay and mechanics, which are solid and balanced.

    While similar to both Magic and Dominion in some ways, it’s also sufficiently different from them both to be a unique beast. The shared deck mechanism makes this game much more ‘pick up and play’ than Magic, and evens the playing field out well. A great game if you’re looking for a light card game to play async with friends.

  7. raahsnavj

    This is a great game. I would like to see a harder difficulty level but I really like playing it. Plays much like dominion, but I feel with more luck involved in when cards pop up and such. Still really fun to play if you like deck building games.

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